A Chinese Batman?


The new Chinese Superman will also have an equivalent Batman & Wonder Woman counterpart

In case you were worried things weren’t going to be confusing enough in DC after the events of Rebirthm the line-wide event that drastically changes everything, let me tell you about the Chinese Trinity!

Seriously, here’s the set up: For Rebirth, current Superman is dying. The Superman that was around before the New 52 continuity (who is still around), will be taking his place, but the powers of the New 52 Superman will apparently be diffused to other people, one being a Chinese man who gains his powers (and will have his own comic titled “New Superman”). Following so far?

That actually makes more sense than the next set of news. This Chinese Superman will also have a Chinese Batman and Wonder Woman beside him, they will all team up to take a villain named Sunbeam in New Superman #2. We at least currently have an explanation for why there is going to be a Chinese Superman, full of ridiculous comic book logic as it might be. Why a new Batman & Wonder Woman are springing up, I have no idea.

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Now let’s make one thing clear, I really have no trouble making Batman Chinese. He does not need to be a rich white dude. He’s been that for most of his 75+ year history, you can certainly change his ethnicity. Who’s under the cowl isn’t as important as it being somebody who embodies the spirit of Batman. As long as they provide a good explanation, I think I can get on board with this. We will really have to hope Rebirth provides some good answers though. This particular issue of New Superman, featuring the appearance of the Chinese Batman and Wonder Woman doesn’t go on sale until August though, so we have a while to digest this and hope DC does a good job with it.

h/t CBR