Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 15 Recap And Review: “Destiny”


In the penultimate episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Rip learns why the Time Masters have partnered themselves with Vandal Savage.

One more episode to go before the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow. “Destiny” has the team questioning their own free will and how the Time Masters have manipulated it.

Legendary Recap: We’re back at the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow. You know, the one where Rip gives them that gung-ho speech about being heroes—but something is slightly different. After Episode-One-Jax denies Episode-One-Martin the adventure of time travel and storms away, our current Jax comes running into frame—telling Episode-One-Martin that he’s from the future. Total Back to the Future Part II homage!

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The Vanishing Point: Martin doesn’t look so hot (pun intended) because he hasn’t merged with Jax for some time. The guards enter and take Mick and Kendra. Kendra puts up an impressive fight, but is soon subdued.

Rip is led to Druce, and Rip is offered a deal which involves revealing the location of Leonard and Sara. Rip doesn’t budge, so Druce tells him why the Time Masters are partnered with Vandal Savage. In 2175, Earth and the Vanishing Point are invaded by the Thangarians, and because Savage unified the world via genocide, Earth stood a chance.

Leonard and Sara come out from hiding. Leonard wants to leave, but Sara stops him. He takes out his freeze-ray and aims it at her. She dares him to shoot. Their tense standoff is interrupted by a call from Gideon, who has actually found a way to preserve herself. The AI quickly gives them the location of the team.

Kendra wakes up and is in restraints. She’s soon greeted by Vandal who tells her she’s on a time ship.

The Time Masters brainwash Mick to transform him into Chronos again.

Druce invites Rip into the Occulus Viewing Chamber, a secret device known only to the Time Council. It allows them to view all events and manipulate the timeline. In one of the visions, Rip sees Ray’s death.

Rip soon learns that free will only exists in the Vanishing Point. The real bombshell is dropped when he finds out that the mission of the Legends, and the death of Rip’s family have all been planned by the Time Masters.

Returning to his cell, Rip tells the rest of the team that the Time Masters have been controlling them all along.

Central City 2016: Episode-One-Martin helps Jax repair the time drive of the ship he arrived in.

The Time Masters are finished brainwashing Mick. Answering to the name Chronos, he suits up and prepares to hunt down Leonard and Sara.

Back at the ship hangar, Leonard and Sara execute Gideon’s plan of attaching a device to one of the time ships.

Martin and Rip are quickly losing hope, but Ray reminds both of them that Leonard and Sara are still out there.

Sara asks about Leonard’s ring. He comes clean and tells her that it’s a reminder of a failed job. The time drive suddenly comes online. As they fly out of the hangar, Druce is alerted. The other time ships pursue, but are quickly disabled when the team’s planted device kicks in.

Druce wants to now where Leonard and Sara time jumped.  He soon finds out when the Waverider attacks them. Leonard enters and quickly knocks Druce out. Chronos later enters, armed and ready. Another Time Master commands Chronos to kill the Legends. Chronos pauses, but quickly shoots the Time Master. He quickly ends the Time Master’s life by brutally crushing his head.

The Time Masters lock onto the Waverider with their tractor beam. Ray quickly uses Chronos’s operating system, located in his gauntlet. Overriding the beam, Sara navigates the Waverider to freedom and blasts off.

2016: Jax has returned to the jumpship. Episode-One-Martin apologizes for his arrogant behavior, but Jax understand that his friend only wants what’s best.

The team questions if their very actions at the moment were already preordained by the Time Masters. Ray suggests that the only way to beat the Time Masters is to destroy the Occulus.

Leonard , with a deck cards, visits Sara, trying to soften over his earlier confrontation with Sara. She’s still angry that he dared to raise a weapon at her. He finally comes clean, in his own way, that he has feelings for her. However, she won’t entertain him with a kiss.

Arriving at the Occulus Wellspring, the team gears up for battle. They’re quickly  intercepted by Druce and his guards. Jax arrives in the jump ship and saves the day. He quickly merges with Martin to form Firestorm.

At the Occulus, Ray begins to do his magic while Firestorm, Sara, and Leonard defend the proximity.

When Ray removes his helmet, Rip is immediately tipped off about Ray’s impending death. Ray isn’t afraid to die, but Mick knocks him out, claiming that this is the only way for him to take revenge on the Time Masters.

When Leonard discovers that Mick will be sacrificing himself, he sprints towards his friend, with Sara following along. Leonard momentarily distracts Mick and quickly knocks him out, taking his place. Sara gives a passionate kiss to Leonard and carries Mick to safety.

When Druce arrives, Leonard releases the Occulus’s fail safe, causing a chain reaction explosion that destroys everything.

As the team recovers from the death of Leonard, Rip has Gideon check the timeline again. Nothing has changed. His family is still murdered by Savage.

In the kitchen, Mick shows Ray the ring that Leonard left. Mick’s desire now is revenge for his friend. Ray mentions that Carter and Kendra are still missing. Mick reacts gleefully at the prospect of killing Savage in the process of finding them.

Vandal attempts to contact Druce, but another Time Master answers the call. The Time Master reveals to Vandal that Druce is dead and that they have lost the ability to manipulate time. Kendra laughs at the undermining of Savalges plans. However, Savage tells her that he still has a time ship, and if he can’t control the world, then he’ll change it.

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Legendary Moment(s): Leonard becoming the hero he was meant to be and sacrificing himself for the team.

Thoughts for Tomorrow: The ring that Leonard stealthily put in Mick’s pocket has to be the secret to his resurrection. Mark my words on that! We’ll see how that plays out next week.