Animated Funko Suicide Squad Trailer!


This trailer almost makes the Suicide Squad look like adorable psychopaths…

Funko Pop figures have a tradition of taking the most menacing figures in pop culture and making them look downright adorable, and that continues with their next line based on a big screen DC movie, Suicide Squad!

This is a first to my knowledge though. To promote the July edition of Legion of Collectors, which is Funko’s DC-branded subscription box service that sends you a box of DC-themed goodies every month, they have put together an animated trailer all about July’s theme, which is not surprisingly, Suicide Squad! The short trailer features Suicide Squad members Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Katana chasing after The Joker, check it out below:

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But since each box is supposed to be a mystery in what you get, I have no idea if you are just getting one of the four figures shown, a completely different Suicide Squad figure not shown in the video, or possibly even all 4 figures (probably not)?

I think this video is pretty cool, it also makes me wonder, since these 4 characters in particular are the ones from Suicide Squad featured, are they ones guaranteed to survive the Suicide Squad movie? I mean, Harley Quinn and Joker are a lock, there’s too much material to mine in future movies there. But both Deadshot and Katana seem like they could be killed off, most likely in a noble sacrifice given their characters.

Anyways, these Funko Pop Suicide Squad figures will be out for sale sometime this Summer, but if you want this particular box, you have to order it (and yes it’s a subscription service, but if you really want you could just order this one box and then cancel), you have to order it in the next 47 days on the Legion Of Collectors website. Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th.