10 Ridiculous Batman Villains That Should Be In The Movie


There is a solo Batman movie coming! And word is it’s going to be packed to the gills with Batman villain after Batman villain. And why not? In Batman’s 75-year history, he’s fought lots and lots of bad guys. Of course, some of his deadliest and most famous foes should be represented. Guys like Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Scarecrow. Those top-tier Batman villains aren’t even a question. But being around for over 75 years, Batman has also faced a lot of weird and straight up ridiculous bad guys, and that should get some recognition in the film as well. Here are 10 I would love to see pop up in the film. Some are cult favorites, but all are ridiculous and most are incredibly lame.

Next: #10:.... Scarface/The Ventriloquist

#10. Scarface/The Ventriloquist

I definitely went back and forth on putting this one on this list. Because Arnold Wesker is a tragic figure indeed. Plagued with extreme multiple personality disorder, he’s mentally browbeaten by “Scarface”, one of his personalities who is a ruthless mob boss (though rarely shown, it has been hinted there might be other personalities lurking beneath the surface as well). And like many formerly ridiculous Batman villains, he was given a tragic backstory and deep character development in the seminal Batman: The Animated Series. One that actually came to a happy ending in several episodes threaded throughout the series as Wesker was able to “destroy” his violent Scarface personality and lead a normal life (Bruce Wayne even gave him a job, what a guy!).

But ultimately, Scarface gets included because he’s a goddamned puppet. Like, there is no reason anybody should be taking this dude seriously, ever. Even if he has a mini tommy gun. I get that they tried to push it as Scarface is actually smart at pulling off heists and whatnot, but the mob is a cutthroat business, somebody would’ve thrown Scarface into a wood chipper within a month of being in his gang.

That doesn’t mean Scarface couldn’t have a very fun cameo in the upcoming solo Batman movie though. Just a scene with him and Wesker at Arkham Asylum or something. It would be a great easter egg for longtime fans.

Next: #9:.... Babydoll

#9. Baby Doll

Baby Doll is a Batman villain that much like Harley Quinn, was created on Batman: The Animated Series. And she’s a well-developed character on the series. You sympathize with Baby Doll’s plight of being an outcast that society will never accept her for anything beyond how she looks on the surface. Much like Arnold Wesker, it’s a pretty tragic story.

But Baby Doll is two feet tall. That might somebody underestimate her once or twice, but it doesn’t make her a good villain really. It’s a question why anyone takes her seriously, and most her themed weaponry is poor imitations of better villains like Toyman. She should definitely never be a major villain in a Batman movie (or even playing second or third fiddle). But she could be fun to have in a scene or two.

Next: #8:.... Egghead

#8. Egghead

So Penguin is kind of ridiculous as a villain, right? I mean the dude has no physical skills and just has a weird bird fetish. Despite this, he’s immensely popular and remains one of Batman’s top villains to this day. It totally shouldn’t work, but it does.

Egghead is taking that concept a little too far. Created for the ridiculously campy 1960s Batman: The TV series, Egghead (played by the legendary Vincent Prince), is like a terrible cross between Riddler & Penguin. He considers himself the world’s smartest criminal (no doubt due to the oversized brain in his oversized noggin), and fully commits to the egg motif. All his crimes are egg-themed, he has weapons and gadgets themed around eggs. But his most amazing and terrible power is throwing at least a dozen egg puns in the span of an episode.

Egghead is a perfectly ludicrous villain, but would also be a fun wink to fans of the 1960s Batman TV show, as again he was created specifically for that show. Egghead wasn’t the only character created strictly for the show, but arguably the only one ridiculous enough to be memorable and might be fun to see in some form on the big screen.

Next: #7:.... The Eraser

#7. The Eraser

What’s that? Batman has a villain who can actually physically erase him? That’s kind of cool! Oh wait, he can erase the evidence of a crime? Well, that’s pretty cool too. Is his eraser head costume magic or something? No? THEN WHY THE HELL IS HE WEARING THIS RIDICULOUS GETUP?!? Look, Batman has a long list of colorful villains in kind of ridiculous outfits, but The Eraser might take the cake. Not only is it ridiculous, but it seems like a costume like that would actually interfere with you getting your job done. The Eraser seems more like a really bad Dick Tracy reject than someone who would appear in anything DC would ever put out.

But such a character could easily fit into a solo Batman movie as a guy who is an expert at making evidence disappear. The costume is obviously negotiable, but it would awesome in the most terrible way if the Eraser was in a Batman film in full costume.

Next: #6:.... Lord Death Man

#6. Lord Death Man

You know how nobody ever really dies in comics (well with the exceptions of Martha & Thomas Wayne, sorry Bruce)? Lord Death Man is sort of like shoving all that nonsense of dying only to come back later aside because his super power is literally no dying. Oh you can kill him, but he’ll just spring back to life a little while later. It’s actually a cool super power that might potentially make him an interesting opponent, but probably wouldn’t work very well in a Batman film.

Plus, once you realize he can’t really die, all bets are off. You can be as ridiculously brutal to the guy as you like. I mean, one time Batman launched him into deep space, where Lord Death Man was just destined to suffocate and die over and over again. Brutal. This would be a great character to show where like they chopped apart his body and Batman talks to his head or something.

Next: #5:.... Kite-Man

#5. Kite-Man

Uhuh. Kite-Man. He likes kites. This is literally if Charlie Brown grew up to be a super-villain. He is an homage to Charlie Brown (the villain’s actual name is Chuck Brown), and is easily the Charlie Brown of super-villains. He often gets defeated by things like crashing into trees and is the laughing stock of the criminal underworld. It’s sort of fitting that a villain inspired by Charlie Brown is such an utter and complete loser.

And it would be great if he showed up in the Batman film strictly as someone who is just relentlessly mocked. Like not even Batman should take him remotely seriously. He’d be like Chuck, I didn’t even beat you, a tree did! It could be a really fun moment.

Next: #4:.... Ten-Eyed Man

#4. Ten-Eyed Man

Ok, in theory, Ten-Eyed man isn’t all that bad. He’s special forces trained. His unique condition, where he actually sees through his fingers, massively enhances his combat abilities. Sounds good right? But we should all know eyes are ridiculously sensitive. So imagine having ten eyes with little protection on your hands? I mean this dude is defeated almost every time by being thrown something that he catches that hurts his “eyes” or touching something that has the same effect. Hell, I would think a bright flash grenade would defeat him every single time. So in actual practice, he might as well be up there with guys like Kite-man, just completely useless.

Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing this somewhat obscure character pop up in a cameo in a Batman film. Especially slightly re-imagined as say, a science experiment gone horribly wrong, like his fingers are all actually eyes or something. It would be creepy as hell, but also a little cool.

Next: #3:.... Signalman

So a man wants to be a career gang leader. Ok, we all have goals, even if some are a little unscrupulous. But Phillip Cobb was apparently laughed out of his promising criminal enterprise due to lack of experience (sure, we follow a dude with a wooden dummy, but he’s got experience!). So somehow, that leads him to notice that society is regulated by signs. So HE SHALL BECOME (drumroll please…) SIGNALMAN. Wait, what?

And yeah that’s really it. You know, everybody doesn’t have to have a motif. Killer Croc doesn’t do reptile-themed crimes, for example. But in a world filled with villains with kind of ridiculous themes, Signalman might be the most ridiculous. I mean, what are his big crimes? Stealing street signs? Messing with traffic lights? And much like incredibly lame villains such as Kite-Man, he has often unceremoniously been randomly killed off because no one cares. And much like Kite-Man, it would be fun to have him show up in a Batman film only to be relentlessly mocked.

Next: #2:.... Crazy Quilt

#2. Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt’s true superpower seems to be staying relevant despite how ridiculous he or she is. Because there’s been three people to wear the moniker Crazy Quilt, despite the utterly ridiculous outfit. This character is clearly kept around because it’s just such a ridiculous idea. I mean, he’s kind of blind, but usually sensitive to very bright colors. And can maybe hypnotize people with his helmet. That’s it.

But the interesting thing about Crazy Quilt (at least the initial one) is that he is more of a Robin villain. Robin permanently blinded Crazy Quilt so Robin, any Robin is who he has a vendetta against. He actually almost beat Jason Todd to death (and then Jason Todd was of course later beaten to and the exploded to death, but hey he’s back now because Super Boy punched a hole in reality! COMICS!).

So Robin is dead in the DCEU. Everyone wants to assume it was the Joker, but what if it wasn’t? What if it was this lame excuse for a supervillain? And he’s in the Batman solo movie and they talk about that fact? I think that would be pretty cool.

Next: #1:.... The Condiment King

#1. The Condiment King

There might be no more ridiculous villain in all of existence than the condiment king. His weapons are literally spraying people with condiments. Not even deadly takes on condiments (not at first anyways), just regular old condiments. He’s not a skilled fighter or particularly smart, so he often gets defeated with ease. He is a joke character on purpose, unlike almost everybody else on this list.

But Condiment King is also a commentary on ridiculous “themed” villains. I mean really, is dousing somebody with hot sauce any more ridiculous than having a bird fetish, being obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, or any of a dozen more ridiculous motifs not just Batman villains, but so many villains in comics in general have?

That’s why out of dozens of ridiculous Batman villains, Condiment King is the perfect one to represent all of them. He’s the most ridiculous and it’s not even because of his theme, but how fully he believes in it and that he thinks it’s a good way to commit crimes. So I really hope we see Condiment King above all other dumb villains in a solo Batman film. Even if it’s just to kill him quickly to establish the “seriousness” of the film (just like Jimmy Olsen, how edgy!), at least he got his moment on the big screen.

And that’s the list. But as I said at the beginning, Batman in his 75+ years of existence has accumulated many pretty ridiculous villains in his time, this is just the tip of the iceberg. What ridiculous Batman villains would you like the see show up in the solo Batman movie? Let us know in the comments!