Gotham Will Have Another Lengthy Hiatus In Season 3


Gotham fans will have a long wait (again) between the first and second half of season 3

Gotham fans are sadly used to long waits. The first season seemed incredibly  sporadic of when it would take a week or two of episodes off. Season two has been a little bit better, with one very long Winter break and only one or two random off weeks. But if you thought season 3 was going to be any better in terms of waits between episodes, you were mistaken. In fact, it’s going to be even longer.

Pretty similar to season two, the third season of Gotham will have 11 episodes in the first half (in the latter part of 2016) and 11 in the second half (in 2017). But instead of waiting until the very end of February for the second half, this time Gotham won’t return from its hiatus until some still unannounced date in the Spring. So likely sometime in March. This may actually change if enough new shows land with a thud and are quickly cancelled, but that’s unlikely.

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Although not specifically mentioned, for the second season of Gotham, each half had a subtitle (RIse Of The Villains, Wrath of The Villains), I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if the third season goes a similar route. Granted, we aren’t even done with season two of this sow yet, so the Winter hiatus (that will presumably start in November) is a bit of a ways off.

Still clearly even with long hiatus’ Gotham is able to hold on to a good audience seeing as it keeps getting early renewals, so the fans clearly aren’t going anywhere. But of course, we also have that long Summer break happening soon as well, so get in your Gotham while you can. The second to last episode of season two is tonight on Fox!