A Lot Of Suicide Squad Comics Coming In August


To coincide with the theatrical release, several Suicide Squad comics will be coming out in August

Suicide Squad as a property is bound to get more popular come this August when the film releases. And to capitalize on that, DC is putting out not just one new Suicide Squad comic, but several and some of the focus might surprise you!

Firstly, there’s Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 (these all take place post-Rebirth), which focuses on disgraced military commander Rick Flag, and takes things from his point of view when he gets offered the job of basically being the guy who keeps the Suicide Squad in check and alive long enough to finish their current mission.

The when also have the re-launched Suicide Squad main comic, which starts in August with issue #1. The first arc of this comic will have Task Force X trying to retrieve a stolen cosmic item (maybe a mother box?), that’s really all the details for the moment. There’s also a series called Suicide Squad: War Crimes, which is all about the squad covering up America’s worst secrets. Why that couldn’t just be an arc on the main title, who knows?

But arguably the most interesting of the whole list is the six-issue mini-series, Suicide Squad’s Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang. This six-issues will all feature El Diablo, and one rotating Task Force X Member (Killer Croc, Amanda Waller, etc.). Oddly enough it’s not a team-up of these two Suicide Squad members, but each has their own story split between one comic. Though not high profile enough to carry a solo series, this might indicate that El Diablo has a pretty significant role in the film. You can get a look the covers for these series below, all are on the order in which I’ve discussed them:

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So that’s a lot of Suicide Squad in August, and that’s not even counting Harley Quinn’s solo book, which starts over at #1 as well.  So despite all these titles, one character I have not seen or read about is Slipknot. So if anybody is dying in the movie ,it’s most likely him. Suicide Squad the movie is coming out in theaters August 5th and these titles are releasing throughout the month of August.

h/t Comic Vine