Couple Arrested For Sexual Act During Batman v Superman


One thing you really shouldn’t do while watching Batman v Superman in a theater is have sex…

There have been a lot of different reactions to Batman v Superman. Some people liked it. Many hated it. Some walked out. Some were bored and fell asleep. Some cried (and not for good reasons). But how many people just decided to get it on while watching Batman v Superman?

At least one couple in the U.K. apparently. The couple apparently had some alcohol and wasted little to no time engaging in sexual acts. And they weren’t covert about it because they were caught by the staff. Now at this point, the staff probably just asked them to leave (or at least keep it in their pants til the movie was over), but of course the man involved in the act made it so much worse. He punched one of the staffers, and the couple was not surprisingly arrested. They were both charged with public indecency and the man was additionally charged with assault for punching the theater staffer.

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Look, I’m really not going to try and be judgemental here. Batman v Superman isn’t Schindler’s List (Seinfeld reference!). And if two dark and dour superheroes grousing for two and a half hours really floats your boat, more power to you. But if you can’t wait until the movie is over, maybe just leave the theater? Sure, you might never actually see the whole movie that way, but if you keep having sex, is anyone really going to complain? Batman v Superman is still out in theaters, and doesn’t have an official release date for home video, but you can be assured it’ll be sometime within the next few months, and then you can get turned on by Batman questioning Superman about “Martha” all you want.