Gotham: Clayface Is Gordon!


Clayface tries to throw Bullock & Alfred off Hugo Strange’s trail in this clip from the Gotham season two finale!

We are just a mere 3 days from the season finale of Gotham, and in the last episode, I would say Gotham introduced it’s first true super-powered villain. Sure, the guys like The Electrocutioner & Mister Freeze have some nifty powerful tech, but anybody can use those. In A “Legion of Horribles” we met Gotham’s take on Basil Karlo, aka Clayface. While not a giant mud golem with strange powers, Clayface can take on the appearance of just about anyone thanks to his very malleable face, and can impersonate their voice. Right now, he’s impersonating Jim Gordon while the real Jim is held captive by Strange.

But is Clayface actually able to fool anyone, especially Jim’s longtime partner and friend, acting GCPD Captain Harvey Bullock? Probably not with the behavior we see in this clip from Gotham’s season finale, “Transference”!:

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While I think Alfred is a little too concerned about Bruce & Lucius to really notice anything wrong with Gordon, it is very obvious that Bullock isn’t buying this for a second (it is really fun to see Ben McKenzie let loose and just do some silly stuff though). But he clearly is not fooling Bullock one bit, since Bullock is asking him things only Jim would know and he keeps dodging the questions. But I don’t think Bullock thinks it isn’t Gordon, he probably can’t comprehend that it’s a real shapeshifter, he probably just thinks Hugo Strange somehow put the whammy on Gordon and is figuring out how to proceed . Will Bullock be able to figure everything out and save not just Gordon, But Bruce and Lucius? Find out on the season 2 finale of Gotham, “Transference” airing this Monday on Fox!

h/t TV Line