Gotham: You Must Watch The Last Scene


Gotham’s season finale will be filled with twists and turns until the last second!

It’s here tonight Gothamites! This evening is the season finale of Gotham, and our heroes are in a pretty bad place. Gordon is being held by Strange and been replaced by Clayface! Selina is trapped with Firefly!  Bruce & Lucius are trapped in the most super villain death trap they could possibly be in! And as you may suspect, because this is Gotham, not everyone is going to make it out the season finale ok. Here is what Gotham Executive Producer John Stephens told TV Line about tonight’s episode:

"You have to watch the last scene in which the nature of the city of Gotham will change. It’s a development that is in line with all the other story we’ve been telling, but one piece that we’ve kept hidden. Also, as Season 2 comes to a close: Two lives are left in limbo."

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So yes, make sure you stay tuned until the credits actually roll. My wild guess is that a bunch of supervillains escape into Gotham from Strange’s Indian Hill facility, which will be what season 3 might about, the GCPD trying to deal with it (and failing miserably, or else there’s no need for Batman).

As two which two lives will be “left in limbo?” That could be anybody, especially since that doesn’t necessarily mean they will die. Gotham has definitely shown a penchant for killing off historic and important characters. Hell, what if they brought back Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen only to kill them (that’s probably not happening)? Bottom line, I really don’t think anybody except maybe Jim Gordon & Bruce Wayne are safe. Find out all the shocking events that will happen in Gotham’s season finale by tuning in tonight on Fox!