Rebirth Getting Second, More Expensive Printing


Rebirth Is Already Getting A Second Printing, But It Will Cost More

Rebirth has arrived, and with it not only incredibly high praise, but high sales as well. In fact, you can’t generally find Rebirth on your store shelves. In less than a week, physical copies have old sold out. A 2nd printing is of course happening, why wouldn’t it. But the price is going to jump.

The first printing of Rebirth is a great value. Most comics are like 25-30 pages, and can be up to  six bucks. Rebirth was 80 pages and $2.99 (still is digitally, but I’ll get back to that). And a promising start to an epic story of hope.

The second printing of Rebirth, which will feature new cover art by Gary Frank and be in a square bound format, will double in price at $5.99. DC is dubbing this a “deluxe printing”. The “deluxe” version of Rebirth will be in stores June 8th.

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I loved Rebirth, it made me really interested in buying DC comics again on a regular basis for the first time in ages. And I’m not saying Rebirth isn’t worth $6. But this just seems dumb when the book was $2.99 to begin with, is still $2.99 in a digital format (which is what I bought it on, I pretty much only read comics on my tablet these days) and flies in the face of DC saying that every comic from Rebirth on forward, will be $2.99. $2.99 is obviously a more welcoming and enticing price point than $5.99. If you absolutely must have a physical copy of Rebirth, I guess that will be your only option, but my advice would obviously just be to buy it on a tablet or phone and save yourself not only the waiting, because you can read it right now instead of waiting for that second printing, but also a few bucks.

h/t Newsrama