Arkham Knight GOTY Edition In July?


Arkham Knight GOTY edition might be out in less than two months

Despite a broken PC version and some DLC that was mediocre at best, Arkham Knight still managed to be one of the most highly acclaimed games of 2015. And like any AAA game with a ton of downloadable content, a Game of The Year (GOTY) edition seemed all but inevitable.

And that GOTY edition of Arkham Knight may be coming our way soon. Amazon’s German website has listed a GOTY edition of Batman’s latest epic action adventure game coming out this July for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here are some pictures of the box art and site listing (in case it gets taken down later) for the GOTY edition of Arkham Knight, which will contain all previously released DLC for around $50:

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Now, there has been no official announcement of a GOTY edition of Arkham Knight, so this is likely a placeholder date honestly. Further lending credibility to that is that this would be releasing around the same time as the Return To Arkham Remaster that is also due out in July. I would think they wouldn’t want those two games competing with each other. Both are Batman, but one’s the latest game for the newest consoles, while the other is older games but it’s two for the same price as one (and neither of them have those tedious Batmobile sections that Arkham Knight does).

And while I can heartily recommend Arkham Knight itself, again, the DLC was all mediocre at best. You are frankly better off just buying the game solo at about half the price (which is what it currently is at brand new on Amazon) or even cheaper than what this GOTY edition will be. We will keep you updated if this GOTY edition of Arkham Knight is officially announced and if the official release date is any different as well.

h/t Dual Shockers