Gotham: Season 3 Will Push Gordon Further


You will see Gordon do some very dark things in the future of Gotham

Gotham season 2 seemed to end on at least somewhat happy note for James Gordon. He seemed to actually be able to deal with his guilt and carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and went off to find the love of his life, Leslie Thompkins and try to restart their lives together.

But season three of Gotham won’t be about Gordon’s redemption and journey back to being some incorruptible bastion of light. If anything, it will be about just how dark he can go, and it’s far darker than we’ve even seen according to Ben McKenzie, who plays James Gordon on the show:

"Gordon is never going to be a bad guy. He’ll always be a hero. But to show Gotham as a fallen land, as a potentially anarchic environment, we have to allow our hero to become burdened by that and to do some terrible things. That’s how you maintain power in a wasteland. That’s how you keep the wolves at bay. You have to kill a lot of the wolves."

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While some may not like this portrayal of Gordon on Gotham as a guy who is willing to cross lines in order to get stuff done and go to some dark places, for the sake of credibility in how the show works, it’s pretty necessary. I mean think about this way, Gotham was going down the drain when the mob was still in control in season one. Now no one is really in control and a bunch of super-powered crazies are loose on the streets of the city. Gordon will have to do all he can just to try and maintain some order, and that will require some hard, and arguably dark decisions. And it still has to get to a bad enough place they need the help of a crazy billionaire in a batsuit.

h/t Indiewire