The Voices Of Arkham Underworld


Arkham Underworld features a number of familiar voices for fans of the Arkham series

Arkham Underworld is the latest game in the Arkham series, but it is a big departure from previous titles. Not only do you not play as Batman, you play as one of the bad guys, building your own criminal syndicate and recruiting some of Batman’s deadliest enemies.

But just because Arkham Underworld is a mobile game, don’t think that the developers skimped out an anything. The game looks pretty good from what I’ve seen, but also a big help in making Arkham Underworld feel like a game from the series is the stellar voice cast. Most of which has worked on previous Arkham titles. You have Kevin Conroy, who of course not only voiced Batman in all the Arkham games, but has pretty much be the definitive voice of Batman for over twenty years. You have Tara Strong, who voiced Harley Quinn in two of the Arkham games. And you also have friend of the site, Dino Andrade, reprising his role as the villain Scarecrow from the original Arkham Asylum. There’s a bunch of great videos of each actor talking about Arkham Underworld and their character, check them out below:

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Again, Arkham Underworld might be a free to play mobile game, and have some of the trappings that come with that, but it’s hard to deny the production values. The game looks pretty impressive and fun from what I have seen, and very few mobile games, especially spin-offs of bigger franchises, go to lengths like this a get most of the main voice cast to return. Arkham Underworld certainly looks like a solid bet for mobile gamers, but I’d still definitely prefer if I could just play it on console or even my pc since I’m not buying a new tablet (especially an Ipad) anytime soon.