Is There A Chance For A Marvel vs. DC Film?


Stan Lee talks about the possibility of a Marvel vs. DC movie

It might seem impossible now, but back when they were just comic book companies and not massive competing movie universes, Marvel and DC used to cross over all the goddamn time. Batman teamed up with Spider-Man  & Daredevil. Darkeseid faced off against Galactus. As recently as 2003, we had Justice League and the Avengers in one giant crossover.

So it seems like a Marvel/DC film at some point would be an inevitability right, because that just speaks the universal language of  WE WILL MAKE ALL THE MONIES. If freaking 21 Jump Street and Men In Black can be having a crossover, surely Warner Bros. and Disney can come to some kind of understanding that will get both oodles and oodles of money from us nerds, right?

Well sadly, like in most cases, the biggest thing getting in the way of such a thing happening is the egos of periphery people involved. At least according to comics legend Stan Lee. He recently was asked about the possibility of a Marvel/DC film at a convention:

"Well, you know, that would really be terrific. “We did a Spider-Man vs. Superman comic book years ago — a big, giant-sized book which sold really well, and I had Spider-Man win. I don’t think there will ever be a movie like that only because of the lawyers and the businessmen and the contracts. They’d never be able to figure out who gets what and whose name comes first…but if they ever could do it, man, I think everybody would want to see that."

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Yeah, a Marvel/DC film is a dream that will probably never happen unless DIsney buys DC or something. But just think man, if you could get Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige in a room with total autonomy and no lawyers or suits, they could hammer out the greatest superhero crossover epic of all time. Forget expanded self-contained universes, let’s have brand crossovers be the next film trend. Who knows, maybe something like 21 Jump Street/Men In Black could lead to other companies looking into their own crossovers. We can always hope.