Batman v Superman: Robot Chicken Style!


Batman v Superman in Robot Chicken, has run out of something to give…

I’m actually surprised it took this long. Robot Chicken is no stranger to mocking the hell out of DC comics (and really comics in general), so it is no surprise that at some point they would get around to mocking the critically maligned Batman v Superman film.

Robot Chicken could probably do an entire episode devoted to Batman v Superman (possibly several, there’s just so much material to relentlessly parody), but this 60 second sketch really focuses on one scene from the film in particular, the “do you bleed” scene where Batman and Superman have their first confrontation of sorts. Robot Chicken takes the somewhat reasonable stance that after losing his parents, at least one Robin, and probably many others in his twenty plus years fighting crime, it isn’t that Batman is broken or crazy, he’s just run out of a certain… something. He has zero of this something left to give. He wants to get more of this something for the store, but it’s closed. Just watch the video and you’ll get the idea:

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I actually really like this explanation better than anything presented in the film. Batman just doesn’t give a damn anymore. Superman isn’t responsible for anything? Who cares. Lex Luthor is manipulating them both?  Who gives a flying batusi? It would also represent a guy who wouldn’t be magically fixed or whatever by randomly calling out his mother’s name before he is about shove a spear through your skull. I actually do hope Robot Chicken does a full Batman v Superman 30 minute special, because lord knows you can relentlessly mock just about every scene in that film, and I didn’t think as poorly of it as most did (still wasn’t good though).

h/t Cinemablend