Batman v Superman Will Have Many Different Retail Exclusives


How Do You Prefer Your Batman v Superman Blu-Ray Packaging?

Retailer exclusive versions of movies are all the rage these days. After all, how can someone get you to come into their store unless they have something specific you can only get there? Batman v Superman is no different. Luckily, all retailers will carry the same “Ultimate Edition” blu-ray with the extra 30 minutes of footage and special featureswe have already heard a lot about, but at least a few will have their own special edition packaging that may entice you to pick one retailer over another.

First, retailer HMV has the steelbook cover hookup if that is your style. Their special retailer exclusive version of Batman v Superman will have a steelbook cover and will feature the character posters of both Batman and Superman. The Steelbook is reversible with each poster on one side. This Steelbook Edition of Batman v Superman will have the 2D, 3D and Ultraviolet versions of the film on Blu-Ray. It is in the featured image but you can get a better look at it below:

The other retailer currently listing a retail-exclusive version of Batman v Superman is Target, and in my opinion it’s a much cooler deal. This version has a lenticular digibook packaging that comes with a 64-page art book. This edition will won’t have the 3D version, but really, who cares? Nobody owns a 3D TV anyways. Take a look at Target’s exclusive lenticular packaging below:

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So yeah, if you intend on buying Batman v Superman, and want really cool packaging, right now Target seems like the way to go. Though I’d be shocked if other major retailers like Best Buy and Walmart didn’t have their own exclusive packaging. It should be noted that Target lists Batman v Superman as out on July 19th, but no release date has been made official by Warner Bros, so we still don’t really know when it is coming out on home video.

h/t Heroic Hollywood