Highlights From Batman: Rebirth #1


Batman: Rebirth #1 features some big changes for Bruce Wayne and others

Rebirth wasn’t just about a restoration of hope in the DC universe, it was about legacy, but also moving forward with new things. Batman: Rebirth #1, out today is a pretty shining example of

that. It features a fully restored Bruce Wayne. Physically, emotionally, and financially. But it also acknowledges the legacy of the Batman and moves forward as well. And I’m going to give you some examples of that.


First off, there is new sidekick Duke Thomas. Unless you have been following Batman (or the Robin Wars) pretty closely lately, you probably have no idea who the hell Duke Thomas is. I certainly did not. But more important is what Duke Thomas represents. In Batman: Rebirth #1, Duke comes to Wayne Manor about an offer, but makes it clear he doesn’t want to be yet another Robin, but that’s not what Batman has in mind:

That’s not a Robin costume, obviously. And what’s more, there is at least one more very different costume in the Batcave, one for someone named “Bluebird” who is another recent partner in crime for Batman as well. This makes it look like Batman is actually putting together a team, possibly training the whole next generation of Gotham’s superheroes.

Batman: Rebirth #1 features a new artist, Mikel Janin, and is tradition when a new artist takes over for a period of time, Janin has redesigned the famous Batcave, with a mix of old and new elements:

But finally, the biggest change is easily the villain of Batman: Rebirth #1, Calendar Man. Calendar Man was honestly a pretty lame character before. Just some psycho who murdered people with some sort of theme attributed to holidays, seasons, etc. Here, Calendar Man takes on a more super-powered element, as he is someone who ages with the seasons, always being reborn in spring looking different, but carrying the memories of his previous incarnation:

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I definitely like the idea that Batman might be taking on a number of new protégés, and not all them are named Robin. The Batcave redesign looks pretty cool. My one complaint might be this new Calendar Man. Like, does this make him really any different? Because he still is and idiot who has Calender-themed killing sprees. But this is hardly all that is revealed in Batman: Rebirth #1. Find out the rest for yourself as Batman: Rebirth #1 is available now.

h/t Comicbook.com, CBR