Moon Knight #3 Review


Moon Knight #3: Welcome to New Egypt part 3 is an action-packed race for survival for a hero under siege from all sides, including within his own mind.

Moon Knight #3
Writer – Jeff Lemire
Artist – Greg Smallwood
Editor – Jake Thomas
Publisher – Marvel Comics

Moon Knight #3: Welcome to New Egypt part 3 of 5 may be the action-packed escape of Moon Knight from the clutches of the ancient god Ammut the Soul Eater but it may also be the violent escape attempt of Marc Spector as he tries to free himself and his fellow inmates from their asylum based on the words and promises of his delusions.

The beauty of this series is that as a reader we don’t know if it’s one, or the other, or both.

Greg Smallwood’s artwork blends seamlessly between worlds, pairing the more colorful world of New Egypt with the dull colors of the subway and other real world settings. Word is even divided between members of the group as they run away from those chasing after them. Did they fight mummies in the catacombs under the Earth or were they fighting orderlies in the subway?

Much like Marc himself, the Moon Knight series benefits most from a complete adoption of his madness. It is by diving into the Egyptian mythos of the story and allowing those strange and glorious details to shine that writer Jeff Lemire allows us to see the sort of dynamic and unique character Moon Knight can become in the right hands.

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The Bottom Line: Khonshu speaks not only to Marc Spector but all of us when he says to ‘give into it.’ In Moon Knight #3 the creative team dive, headlong into the character’s insanity leaving us wondering what is true and what’s a delusion. It also leaves us captivated by his amazing journey.

Grade: Given Marvel’s history with Moon Knight. Pick this book up before they cancel it.