Suicide Squad: Joker Music Video?


Jared Leto will make an appearance as The Joker for a Suicide Squad single track by Rick Ross and Skrillex

Jared Leto is hardly a stranger to the music scene, being the lead singer of his band 30 seconds to Mars. So it actually makes sense that he might want to get involved with a musical aspect of the Suicide Squad movie. But he isn’t helping out with the score or contributing his own single. Rather, he will be appearing in a music video for a single for Suicide Squad.

The single has already been recorded, it was done by Rick Ross and Skrillex, and has reportedly been played earlier this year at WAV Night Club in Atlantic City. Videos were taken, but only a few words such as “Killer Croc: and “Gotham City” were understood. The single does not have a title as of yet. But with Suicide Squad only two months away, you’d have to expect the music video to debut soon.

A lot of how I feel about this really depends on the extent of the involvement. Like a music video for a movie seems like something really dated to begin with, but it also shouldn’t necessarily impact our perception of the film that much. And if Jared Leto merely appear as the Joker in the video, being the Joker in a small scene that’s probably fine. However, if he tries to hang and just look cool with RIck Ross and Skrillex, or god forbid tries to rap, he will be playing right into all these pre-conceived notions of this Joker being some Insane Clown Posse reject who got thrown out of Hot Topic. I’m sure we’ll find out whenever the video debuts and Suicide Squad itself opens in theaters August 5th.

h/t Heroic Hollywood