Justice League Title Edited


Geoff Johns recently took to Twitter to clear up any confusion on the Justice League title announcing that it would be shortened to Justice League as opposed to Justice League: Part One. While this may not seem all that newsworthy it signals the change of control in who released the news as well as a change of tone of the movie.

Recently the Justice League movie was speculated to be part one and set up major story lines for part 2. Obviously this news as well as the news of it wrapping up story lines in Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman squashes that theory. This means that the Justice League movie will be more dependent on past films more then likely then it would be on setting up future films. Obviously it can double task and do both at once but the new focus seems to be changing the tone and correcting mistakes made in the past two films.

This is a good step for DC films in my opinion because it will allow them to tell the story of one villain (Darkseid?) and the Leagues origins without becoming attached to the same story line for future Justice League films. The biggest question for me is while all signs point toward changing the tone of these movies how do you change characters so completely who already have been developed and portrayed in opposite direction that you are hoping to go.

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Both Superman and Batman were developed as less then hopeful characters. Since the arrival of Geoff Johns a lot has been made about making future movies hopeful and having that element of hope. What will be fascinating to watch is how he changes those characters to get that message of hope within the movies while still maintaining the characters integrity. I think we will see other characters offer hope that the whole League will feed off of such as The Flash perhaps?   We will find out soon enough Justice League is scheduled to hit theaters November 17, 2017.

h/t  The Hollywood Reporter