Geoff Johns & Ed Boon Talk Injustice 2


Injustice 2 aims to be a long term investment

Injustice 2 was recently revealed, and will have our favorite DC characters (and probably a Mortal Kombat character or two) ridiculously beating the hell out of each other. But aside from some roster changes, is Injustice 2 going to be more of the same, or a fighting game that tries to really do something different. Geoff Johns and Ed Boon both spoke to Rolling Stone about the upcoming game, and it definitely sounds like Injustice 2 will be in the latter category.

Boon said the goal for Injustice 2 is to do something unexpected and long-term, and part of that is infusing this fighting game with ideas from multiplayer shooters of past years. That means things like customization, loot drops character creation and even leveling. Boon specifically referenced Destiny when talking about these things, so you might have an idea of what they are going for.

Boon also explained that every character in Injustice 2 will have gear that you can upgrade, and will allow you to customize your characters. So not only would the Batman you start out with be able to involve, there’s so many pieces of gear that your Batman will probably be different from other people’s Batman.

Injustice 2 will follow the plot of the first game. Johns for his part talked more about his general history with video games, but did point out that Injustice 2 is its own thing, separate from the rest of the DC Universe, so it wouldn’t be giving any hints as to directions of the movies or anything like that.

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Some may bemoan the inclusion of things like loot drops into a fighting game, but I think it’s an interesting approach that has a lot of potential and could certainly make someone like me more interested in playing these games beyond just the story mode. As long as the fighting remains solid and fun, I’m very much on board with Injustice 2, which will be out sometime next year on PS4 & Xbox One.