More Details On Telltale’s Batman


Telltale’s Batman game will allow players to create their own unique experience

We have finally seen some screens and gotten a little idea of Telltale’s Batman game recently. But infuriatingly, even though Batman is due out this Summer, we still have seen no gameplay. Even at this week’s E3 event, which seems like the perfect time to release some footage of the game in action. While we may not be seeing any footage get out, some people at E3 are getting some hands on time with the Batman game, such as IGN, and it gives us an idea of what to expect.

There will be fight sequences, but the article seems to indicate they will basically be quick time events. There is a meter that builds while you fight, and when it is full you can just quickly end the fight.

In this Batman game, unlike most previous ones, you do actually spend quite a significant bit of time as his wealthy playboy alter ego Bruce Wayne, and that is where it feels most like the Telltale formula. You make decisions as Bruce Wayne that can drastically affect how the story plays out.

The game is set to present many things familiar to Batman fans, but it wants to flip those characters and events on their head, so even longtime fans who think they know how everything will play out will probably be surprised. The Batman game will be comprised of 5 episodes, each lasting 90-120 minutes, which is about on par with previous Telltale efforts.

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In other words, sounds like your typical Telltale game, which I’m not a huge fan of. I really like the story parts of Telltale games, but the gameplay parts are always terrible, which really gets in the way. I feel they’d be much better serviced as a digital novel style, but admittedly that might make them much more niche. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest on Telltale’s Batman game, and be sure to review the first episode when it comes out later this Summer.