Gotham Season 3 Starts September 19th


Gotham returrns for it’s third season this September!

Not that Summer isn’t filled with some great original programming, but of course you always wonder when your regular season favorites will be back with new episodes. Well, for Gotham fans, we can answer that question.

Gotham will return for its third season Monday, September 19th. And just like last season, it’ll be teamed up with returning comic book show Lucifer. Crossover anyone (almost definitely not happening)?

The third season of Gotham will introduce many new but classic Batman villains such as Mad Hatter, Solomon Grundy, a supposedly recast Poison Ivy and off again on again Bruce Wayne love interest Vicki Vale. Though Vale is reportedly going to be a woman in her 20s, so if Gotham lasts long enough to explore that romance, it certainly won’t happen for several more seasons at least.

Like previous seasons, the third season of Gotham will have an extremely lengthy Winter hiatus, even longer than the last two. Part of this is to do with mid-season premiers of limited run shows. Basically it will be a run of 11 episodes, then break with Gotham supposedly returning sometime in March, then another block f 11 episodes.

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Season three is where at lot of shows really start to hit their stride (and then usually completely lose it by season 5 or 6). Given that while it still had some big flaws, season two of Gotham was a significant improvement over season one, I’m really interested to see where they go in season 3. Supposedly it will push Jim even farther than he’s been pushed before, but will that also be the road to becoming Captain and then Commissioner of the GCPD? Will Bruce Wayne get much closer to becoming the hero this city so desperately needs? The journey of Gotham continues September 19th on Fox!