Detective Comics: Batwoman Made It Come Together


Batwoman In Detective Comics help define her role within the Bat-family

Detective Comics is a book all about Batman leading a team, guiding the next generation of Gotham’s crime-fighters. But he’s not doing it alone. Batwoman is on this new team in Detective Comics, but not as a mere sidekick. She is an equal partner and team leader just like he is.  James Tynion IV talks about bringing Batwoman into the new Bat-team on Detective Comics:

"It was really the decision to put Batwoman front and center that coalesced the book. I’ve loved this character since she was introduced, but her role in terms of the Bat family has never been defined. She’s interacted with the Bat family in passing here and there over the last few years, but what her relationship is, and what the proper balance between her and Batman is, wasn’t defined. It’s been established in little blips here and there that she’s Batman’s cousin, but that story has never been told. It’s just sprinkled in as extra flavor in a couple of moments in the past.I wanted to do a big story about the relationship between Batman and Batwoman, because their relationship is very different from the relationships she has with the younger Bat-crowd. Those people look up to him in a different way. Batwoman was inspired by Batman, but she has her own story and she’s doing this for her own reasons. That was the shape of the conversation when we got started."

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Bottom line, I really like the idea of Batman that actually is a team leader and someone who is willing to work with and mentor others. The dangerous loner type is boring. Batman is at his best as a guy who can live in the darkness of a place like Gotham, but be a light in it. He believes in people and reform (why else is Clayface on the team) and actually saving the city and people. This is a Batman that I hope to see on the big screen. But for now you can definitely see him in the pages of DC Comics. Detective Comics #934 is available now.

h/t Comics Alliance