“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD:” Eulogy for Lincoln


Our least-favorite Inhuman didn’t make it out alive from “Agents of SHIELD’s” third season. Bam Smack Pow decided to give him a farewell article

We gather here at this article to give Lincoln some sort of farewell from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Let’s not beat around the bush: Lincoln was disliked by the majority of fans from his very first scene. he appeared onscreen and was immediately set up as a potential live interest for Daisy/Skye.

The sparks weren’t there, metaphorically speaking, of course! The literal sparks were something new to Agents of SHIELD, seeing someone other than Skye or Raina exhibit their powers. Heck, he even floated Skye with his powers and then uttered the horribly cliché but hilarious line of, “The sky’s the limit.”

He became Skye’s new confidant. She found solace in him, as he was one of the few who actually understood what she was going through. Even with his Terrigenesis planned by Jiaying and Afterlife, he still had to make that adjustment to new powers on top of his alcohol abuse and anger management issues.

The show did their best trying to give him layers, like an ogre, but for the most part, he felt like a new iteration of season one Grant Ward: bland, zero chemistry with Skye despite what they wanted us to believe. He joined our SHIELD compatriots after Afterlife’s fall and after a bout of being “on the run” until his life was threatened by Lash.

He never really meshed with the rest of our SHIELD team, and Agents of SHIELD just… I don’t know, I don’t want to keep saying they tried too hard with Lincoln since that’s not fair to his character. They gave him flaws–the personal demons he struggled with on a daily basis

Because in the last handful of episodes in season three, Lincoln actually started feeling a little more likeable. The scene that did it for me was the reveal that Daisy was the one turned by Hive. It was too on the nose of Agents of SHIELD to make Lincoln the betrayer; the twist of it being Daisy twisted the knife in the wound. Luke Mitchell played the reveal perfectly. You saw the hurt and betrayal on Lincoln’s face and you could almost feel his pain.

Plus when he was going a little crazy about how “it’s not the same” why he wants to find Daisy compared to everyone else, May gets to quip back that “we’ve all known her longer” and tone him down a bit. He sacrificed his health and potentially his powers just in an attempt to find a cure against Hive.

There’s so much more that I know I’m missing about Lincoln, like most of what he did in the back half of season two when he was introduced. But his most noble act was in his death.

He sacrificed his life to stop Hive from taking over the world, and from Daisy sacrificing herself. Lincoln constantly mentioned that Inhumans were thought to have a purpose to their lives/powers. His was to save the world from Hive.

What could be a nobler act?

Lincoln won’t grace our screens again on Agents of SHIELD, unless in a crazy fever dream or alternate reality, and while his death was the most preferred out of our entire SHIELD team, it’s still a loss. Especially since it looks as though it leads to Daisy following a darker path.

So farewell, Lincoln. Your death has given Daisy some fun avenues to take, and a reason for our SHIELD friends to take some serious action.