Goodnight Batcave: Bedtime Story For Little Caped Crusaders


Mad TV is producing of spoof of the classic Goodnight Moon with Batman, appropriately titled Goodnight Batcave

I think most of us of a certain age range all remember the bedtime story Goodnight Moon. It’s considered a classic children’s book and has been referenced in everything from Animaniacs to College Humor skits to Elder Scrolls and even in a Batman story.

I have no idea if it is still popular today, but MAD Magazine (yes they still exist) has certainly always had their finger on the pulse of what’s popular currently, right? So they have decided to make a parody of this classic work of children’s fiction starring our favorite caped crusader, Batman, and it is titled “Goodnight Batcave”.

Much like the bunny in Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Batcave features the Dark Knight in his nightly routine of rounding up the various criminals of Gotham before going to bed for the evening. You can see a couple of preview pics of Goodnight Batcave below:

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So yeah, why is this even a thing? Granted, you could say the same thing about MAD as a property in general. When was the last time MAD was remotely relevant? Maybe the early 90s? And again, does anyone even read Goodnight Moon to their kids anymore? And if they do, would they want that or a lame Batman spoof by the guys who still think the stuff published in MAD magazine is actually funny? Like this should be something they give away on either Batman Day or Free Comic Book Day for the kids. Arguably most insulting is that Goodnight Batcave is going to be $15. You know how much I can buy a physical copy of Goodnight Moon on Amazon right now? Roughly half of that. If for some reason you still want Goodnight Batcave, it’ll out November 2nd. I can definitely see it being something a grandparent gets their grandchild for christmas because they like Batman and just don’t know any better.

h/t Robot 6