Gotham Leaks New Character Details

Gotham released the news earlier this week that Once Upon A Time’s Jamie Chung has been cast for Gotham season 3. Her role will be Valerie Vale whom sources later confirmed to be Vickie Vale’s Aunt. This is big news for Gotham fans as not only does it introduce a new plot line but a connection to a classic Batman story as well.

Jamie Chung has been most known for playing the part of Mulan in Once Upon a Time although she has worked on various other projects as well. Gotham is adding her in not only as a connection to Vickie Vale but as an interesting new plot line. She will be playing a reporter who is hell bent on finding the truth out on what is behind Indian Hill. Not only that but she becomes convince Gordon is the key to unlocking this secret and becomes focused on him.

This new addition could introduce another positive character that the show seems to be so short on at the moment. Bruce Wayne and his butler seem like the sole positive influences left in the show and while this is perfect for the Batman story they are hoping to set up to have continued success they will need to find characters to focus on beyond the villains. I look forward to seeing what they do with Chung’s character and how many Vicki Vale references we will get.

In addition to Vale it has also been confirmed that the Mad Hatter and an improved Poison Ivy will debut this season as well.  The Mad Hatter has always been a character that you can take many directions with so I look forward to seeing how they choose to portray him. Poison Ivy as well needed a bit of a reboot in character and the re-casting of the part will hopefully give it the kick it needed to become as memorable as other villains are within the story.


The one new addition that Gotham execs continue to be vague on is the Bruce Wayne doppelganger we see climb out of the bus in the season 2 finale. For now we know nothing about the character aside from a lot of fan speculation. What we do know is that season 3 will be much different. Gotham Producer John Stephens has said that  “the nature of the city of Gotham will change.” Take that for what you will we will hear plenty more details before Gotham season 3 premieres this fall.

h/t Yahoo