Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut In Theaters One Night Only


The Ultimate Cut Of Batman v Superman will be shown in a select few theaters for one night only

The Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman, which pushes the epic superhero clash from a PG-13 to an R-rated movie, and contains 30 minutes of extra footage cut from the theatrical release, is due for release pretty soon (especially digitally). Some fans of Batman v Superman were hoping this “Ultimate Cut” would see a theatrical release, preferably before the movie actually came out on digital download and Blu-Ray/DVD. And for one night only, those fans are getting their wish. As long as they live in one of a few select cities anyways.

On June 27th, about a dozen theaters across the U.S. will have a one-night only screening of the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman. Here’s the list, straight from the DC All Access App:

Do you live near any of these places or are willing to drive to them? Then on June 27th, you can see the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman. Of course, you could also just wait one more day and get it digitally because it’ll be out on that format the next day on June 28th. In the meantime though, you can also check out this trailer that features just a little more unseen footage for the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman, and order your tickets from the official WB website

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Well, I’m not really near any of these places, so I’ll definitely be waiting to see just what is in those 30 extra minutes beyond the brief glimpses we have seen to date. This does seem a bit haphazard though, couldn’t they have just teamed with Fathom Events like they are doing for The Killing Joke and get it in some more theaters? But regardless, again you won’t be waiting horribly long as the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman is due out on June 28th on digitial download and then July 19th on Blu-Ray and DVD.