All (?) Of Arkham Knight’s Easter Eggs


Check out the many easter eggs contained within Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight is the critically acclaimed (except for that PC version) finale to the Arkham Trilogy of Batman games (what’s Arkham Origins? Never heard of it!). And like the previous Batman Arkham titles, it was loaded with various clever references to the world of Batman and the larger world of DC comics in general. In fact, with it’s official release being one year ago today, it seemed like a good time to go back and look at most, if not all of the easter eggs you can find in Arkham Knight.

Riley Nicholas, who has done easter egg videos for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, has done another one for Arkham Knight. Nicholas admits that these videos are more about references than just hidden easter eggs. This also may not be every single easter egg contained within Arkham Knight, as people have definitely found easter eggs still hidden in these Arkham games years after they first came out, but at a whopping 89, it certainly has to be almost all of them (though that’s actually less than Arkham City, which had 98). Check out the video below and see how many of these references and bits of trivia and whatnot you found in the game:

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Obviously the level of fan service is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Arkham series (and frankly, given how invested they are in fan service, they should’ve realized how lame it was to lift a story wholesale from Batman’s history and claim it was an original story about an original character for Arkham Knight). Will we see a lot of new easter eggs in the next Arkham game from Rocksteady, Arkham VR? We’ll obviously have a better idea when the game ships in October.