Detective Comics: Who Is Colony?


Who nearly killed Azrael in Detective Comics?

A lot has changed post-rebirth in Detective Comics. Batman has a re-organized team, with the newly reformed Clayface (no pun intended) and Batwoman as an equal partner. They have a new base of operartions known as “The Belfry”, located right in the center of Gotham. And they have a new way to train with “The Mud Room” where they actually use Clayface’s material to make copies of real enemies.

But it’s not all positive changes of course. One of the big things a post big event can often bring about is a brand new villain. And this one seems to be posing as Batman and attacking his allies. One of the first victims is Jean Paul Valley aka Azrael. He survived thanks to Batman, but is still hospitalized with serious injuries. Valley warns Batman of this new and frightening enemy, but it’s one he seems to know plenty about, as he not only names them, but gives Batman some idea of what their plan is:

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Now, a Colony is what a group of bats are called, so there’s some really unsubtle symbolism going on here. But while this doesn’t really give us much to go on as to the identity of “Colony”, given that Azrael was attacked by a Batman impersonator, and one who was able to nearly kill him, there is most likely a group of very dangerous individuals running around dressed up like the Caped Crusader himself.

But what is their end goal? What are The Colony fighting a war against, and what unforgiveable actions will they do to win it? Also is this yet another organization that has existed forever in Gotham like The Court Of Owls and Batman never knew about it? Better start reading Detective Comics to find out. Issue #935 is available now.

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