How Batman Changes In Justice League


Batman realizes he’s not done yet in Justice League

A big theme of Batman v Superman was that Batman was a guy seemingly in the twilight years of his crime-fighting career. Not just because he had been around for seemingly a couple decades and done and seen so much (maybe a little too much), but what really was the point of Batman with a guy like Superman around? Well, that feeling has changed for the Dark Knight in Justice League (and not just because for the time being Superman is dead). Justice League director Zack Snyder explains that they didn’t want Batman to stay in the same place he was in Batman v Superman:

"I feel like that’s the whole thing of him building the team. I feel like the threat and the idea of building the team as a guy who has been a loner his whole career. I feel like the idea of him building the team … Also, that was kind of the other thing. When we were making Batman v Superman, I was really conscious of this idea of, and I talked to Ben about it, how can we not be stuck with this single note Batman for whatever? If it’s three movies, because he’s making his Batman movie. What do we do? We talked long and hard about in Batman v Superman, he’s here. He’s at the end of his career and he’s down here. He’s seeing this thing that now he wonders what his relevance is and maybe he can do this one thing. The example of Superman makes him go, ‘No, you know what? I’m not done. I’ve got more to do. I’ve got to persevere and I’ve got to make it right.’ I think that that’s the Batman you get with the beginning of Justice League is that he’s on a mission and he’s really clear-headed about the mission and about the others he will need to complete it."

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It’s always been a weird thing about Batman. They claim he’s some crazy loner, but he becomes mentor to like 10 kids, is often on big teams and a big player in them. I’m not saying he doesn’t do things his own way and often to a more extreme than someone like Superman would. But I think that gets back to at the end of the day, Batman was a guy surrounded by darkness but never let himself get beat by it, and it was by things like having hope in people, even his worst enemies, and having friends to rely on and rally around. It sounds like we will be seeing that side of Batman in Justice League, and it will certainly be a better movie for it.