Maisie Richardson-Sellers Cast As Vixen In Legends Of Tomorrow


Maisie Richardson-Sellers, last seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has been cast as the new Vixen in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow.

It looks like the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow has found their new Vixen.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers has been cast in the role for the sophomore season of the popular new series. She will replace original actress Megalyn Echikunwoke, who voiced Vixen in the online animated series and appeared as the character last season on Arrow. Echikunwoke was apparently offered the role, but was unable to accept due to scheduling conflicts.

Although “replace” might be the wrong word here, as Richardson-Sellers’ will be playing Vixen, just not that particular Vixen.

It turns out that Richardson-Sellers will be playing Amaya Jiwe, the grandmother of Echikunwoke’s Mari McCabe.

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But how is that possible you ask?

Time travel baby!

Legends of Tomorrow features a team of heroes and quasi-heroes assembled by Rip Hunter who travel through time helping those who need it. Thanks to the time travel angle, the show can feature Vixen’s grandmother, who has the same abilities as her granddaughter, and not have to deal with the inevitable backlash of recasting the character.

Plus, this leaves the door open for Echikunwoke to return to the role at some point down the road. She has already confirmed she will continue voicing the character in the animated series so anything is possible. Imagine having an episode of Legends of Tomorrow that features two Vixens for the price of one.

As for what we can expect in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow, showrunner Marc Guggenheim recently told TV that while there will be similatities to the Season One, year two is a whole new ballgame.

"“(Legends) was always designed to be this hybrid, serialized/anthology show. We always said that each year would be its own distinct movie — almost to the point that you could give each season a subtitle. So we’ve got the same objective for next year and I think it’s really cool and exciting. It will have a very clear beginning, middle and end, much the same way Season 1 did. But it’ll be constructed a little bit differently, in so far as this first season was a pilot coming off of the Arrow/Flash crossover, so the villain was already set up. We weren’t able to roll things out with the mystery that we typically like to do on the shows. This will be a bit more of a cold start, which is exciting for us.”"

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If Richardson-Sellers looks a bit familiar, that is probably because you know her from the 20 times you watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where she had the small role of Korr Sella. She has also appeared in the CW series The Originals as well as ABC’s Of Kings and Prophets.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW for its second season on Thursday, October 13, 2016.