Batman Upgrades Batsuit For Justice League


The Batmobile won’t be the only thing improved for Justice League

Justice League will feature an even bigger threat than Batman v Superman, so Batman, along with trying to recruit the world’s most powerful heroes, is upping his own game. Not only will he have a new Batmobile with improved armaments, but his Batsuit will be given a pretty significant upgrade as well. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson discussed how the Batsuit will be different in Justice League:

"One new detail is that Zack [Snyder] wanted a little more sense of armor and deflection on his gauntlets when he is shot at, and so I designed these [gloves] that are kind of based on the samurai. We know from Bruce Wayne’s history that he studied martial arts in Japan, so I thought that could be appropriate. But we sort of modernized it with a Wayne Tech aesthetic here. It’s a little more aggressive."

The Batsuit will also feature a whole bunch of improved tech that will help Batman communicate with both Alfred and the League as well as help him fight crime along with an addition of armor plates under the weave of the suit. The Batsuit won’t actually look all that different on the surface, but given that Steppenwolf and the armies of Apokolips are the enemy in Justice League, he’s going to need all the improvements he can get.

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In addition to a new Batsuit, Batman will also be sporting a brand new, improved Batmobile as well as a couple additional vehicles in Justice League (because hey, not everybody can fly). Justice League is still currently filming, but the cast is expected to make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in July (maybe we’ll see a clip or an early teaser) and then the movie will release in theaters November 17th 2017.

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