Marvel Makes Fun Of Batman v Superman


Marvel takes just a little not at all subtle jab at DC’s most recent movie effort, Batman  v Superman in Spider-Man/Deadpool

Marvel has actually been pretty restrained as far as commentating on DC’s rather middling start to their own universe, Batman v Superman (sure, you can claim it was Man Of Steel, but that movie was never really intended to connect to a whole movie universe, they just shoehorned it in). And they actually have every right to take a victory lap and rub it in DC’s faces since Captain America: Civil War not only reviewed far better but has far out-grossed Batman v Superman thus far and isn’t even done yet. But unofficially or not, Marvel has now had a little fun at Batman v Superman’s expense.

In the team-up book Spider-Man/Deadpool, specifically the new issue #6, which is a one-shot issue by Scott Aukerman of Comedy Bang Bang!, A movie that looks very much like throwdown between the Dark Knight and The Man Of Steel is referenced in the issue, here’s the panel:

And the issue also touches on R movies vs. PG-13 movies, gloomy superheroes and so on. They take plenty of digs at DC and specifically Batman v Superman. Now, you may point out that Marvel’s record isn’t spotless either, especially with film franchises they don’t own themselves such as X-Men (for the record, I thought Apocalypse was perfectly ok), and actually, at least in the pages of Spider-Man/Deadpool, they have no problem making fun of themselves as well, as you can see in a couple more panels in the issue:

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I mean look, there is literally nothing in those panels that hundreds of critics of Batman v Superman didn’t already say (AND THEY AREN’T WRONG). Maybe Spidey & Deadpool’s opinion will be improved if they see the Director’s cut with extra footage! Speaking of which, Batman v Superman’s Ultimate Cut is available on digital download now, and will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD July 19th.

h/t ComicMaven