DC Universe Online Turns Batman Day Into Batman Week

One day isn’t enough for the Dark Knight in DC Universe Online, they are celebrating Batman Day for a week straight!

Batman Day might be a day to celebrate the Caped Crusader, but let’s not pretend for a second it isn’t some corporate-manifested holiday meant to sell us stuff (though how cool would it be if the fans just co-opted it and made it their own?). The upside of this is that there are plenty of good sales and events going on involving your favorite superhero.

This even extends to the world of MMOs. If you like superheroes and MMOs, DC Universe Online is your game. It’s alos one of the few but growing number of MMOs on PS4, Xbox One & PC (though there’s no cross-play).

And DC Universe Online (DCUO) is celebrating Batman Day for not just this Saturday, September 17th, when it actually takes place. They are celebrating for an entire week.

Firstly there’s a 40% off sale on their marketplace. Many Batman-related items are on sale. You can buy the Bat-computer for 40% off! Who doesn’t want the Bat-computer? This sale also extends to Exobyte data for all Legends characters.

And what’s an MMO celebration without events? Through Wednesday, September 21st, DCUO is running twelve Batman-themed events as “Legends PvE week” where Legends events are open to all-players. It will take place in places such as the South Gotham Courthouse, the Hall Of Doom & Area 51.

And finally starting on Saturday, September 17th there will be a trivia sweepstakes. Full details on this aren’t available yet, but check in with DCUO’s Twitter account and forums for updates on this.

Sadly I don’t have time to really deep dive into an MMO, otherwise I would probably spend many hours on DC Universe Online. This might be a great chance for you to jump and see what you’ve been missing out on while celebrating Batman Day! Get more details at the official website and Batman Day is tomorrow, September 17th with events at bookstores, comic shops libraries and more around the country!

h/t MMO Bomb