Gotham Review: Five Standout Moments From Look Into My Eyes


Warning: Spoilers ahead for Gotham episode Look Into My Eyes

Hello and welcome to another Caped Crusades slideshow Gotham review! This week’s review is a little late as my birthday was this week but here it is, five standout moments form Look Into My Eyes. A lot happened this episode and this review was both easier and harder to write than most other reviews. Easier as there were plenty of important scenes that stood out but hard because I had to narrow the list down to just five. I can’t write up a review with six or seven slides this week when I wrote five last week and will be writing five next week. This means that there are at least two to three scenes that were also pretty big and if you’ve seen the episode you may be questioning why I didn’t include a scene that you thought was more important than one of the five moments I did cover, but I had to cut some things so I went with what I thought were the most important to me.

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Standout Moment No. 1: The Introduction Of Jervis Tetch

The episode opens in Sirens, the club run and owned by Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan. The club’s entertainment for the night is a hypnotist, Jervis Tetch. Batman fans may recognize the name, as Jervis Tetch is the Batman villain known as The Mad Hatter. In the comics Tetch is a scientist and hypnotist obsessed with Lewis Carol’s Alice In Wonderland. He tragically suffers a psychotic break and goes on an Alice In Wonderland themed crime spree.

Anytime Gotham introduces another Batman character, whether good or bad it is an important moment for the show and something worth talking about. In Gotham we see a young Jervis Tetch, who although he isn’t calling himself the Mad Hatter and running around drawing attention to himself, I am pretty sure he is already mentally ill, and he is already a criminal, just not yet as flamboyant about it yet. We know he’s a criminal because he implants a trigger in the mind of one of his volunteers from the show and is able to hypnotize the man over the phone by using the trigger. Tetch instructs his victim to let him into the house and then has the man murder his wife, bury her in the garden and then kill himself, all so that Tetch can live in their house while he is in Gotham.

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Standout Moment No. 2: Cobblepot Announces His Run For Mayor

Since the death of corrupt Gotham Mayor Theo Galavan, who replaced corrupt Gotham Mayor Aubrey James, there has not been an official mayor in Gotham. Instead the mayoral duties have been carried out by a committee of elected officials. Thirteen minutes into the episode these officials and Aubrey James hold a press conference to announce that James will be once again filling the role of Gotham’s mayor, at least until an election can be held sometime the following year. Oswald Cobblepot interrupts the press conference (he’s getting good at that) to declare what a sham the proceedings are and to demand an emergency election, in which he will be running for mayor of Gotham.

This is huge for Gotham, as this is an interesting Penguin story line we have seen before. In the 1992 Tim Burton movie Batman Returns, Penguin, played by Danny Devito is talked into running for mayor of Gotham by shrewd businessman Max Shrek, played by Christopher Walken. And in the comics, Oswald Cobblepot is mayor of Gotham during the beginning of Batman’s career in the series Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. I have a feeling that Gotham will be striving to do its own thing with Mayor Cobblepot, but that it will be closer to Batman: Earth One as Penguin in Earth One and Penguin on Gotham are both very clever criminal masterminds who competently run criminal organizations, while in Batman Returns Penguin is a more animalistic and simpler minded man being manipulated by Max Shrek. He’s not a master manipulator himself, striving for even more power over Gotham than he has already gained in Gotham’s criminal underworld.

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Standout Moment No. 3: We Find Out Lee’s Fiance Is A Falcone

At the end of season two Gordon leaves Gotham to track down Lee Thompkins, with the plan of winning her back and then taking back his job at the GCPD. In the opening scene of Better To Reign In Hell, the first episode of this season we see Gordon step up to her front door with flowers, only to see her through the window and discover she has moved on with a new man in her life. The episode then skips to six months later with Gordon back in Gotham working as a bounty hunter. Near the end of Burn The Witch we see Lee get off a train back in Gotham. In this episode, Look Into My Eyes, Captain Barnes offers Lee her job back as medical examiner now that she has moved back to Gotham with her fiance. We find out later in the episode when Lee and her fiance meet his father for dinner that Mario (the fiance) is the son of Gotham’s infamous Carmine Falcone. Mario Falcone is not involved in his father’s world at all, he is in fact a doctor. Carmine and his wife decided from the beginning never to involve their son in their business and so he is very proud of his son the doctor, although it means that Mario cannot use the Falcone name.

I thought it was important to talk about Lee’s engagement to Mario and her dinner with Carmine Falcone for a few reasons. The first reason is that this is the first time we have seen Falcone since he was forced to leave Gotham and retire to a house in the country. We know his return is important because his previous interactions with Fish, Penguin, and Gordon indicate that his return could impact both of their lives and all of the criminal underworld as well. This is also big because of Lee’s past relationship with Gordon, and I think that her engagement could be a factor in Gordon and Barbara getting back together. And then there is the fact that at one point in the comics Leslie Thompkins is engaged to the black sheep of the Falcone family (because he isn’t a criminal) Mario Falcone.

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Standout Moment No. 4: Penguin Has Nygma Declared Sane

Over the course of season two Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma developed a strange friendship revolving around their mutual love of murder. In Better To Reign In Hell we see Cobblepot visiting Nygma in Arkham, clearly still determined to be there for his friend. Now that Oswald has announced his campaign for mayor he has even more power and influence over the people of Gotham.So when he decides he will need Nygma’s genius for his campaign he is able to threaten the poor unfortunate soul given the task of running Arkham to get the man to declare Nygma sane and free him.

I decided it was important to talk about this moment for two reasons. A) Riddler getting out of Arkham is a pretty big deal all by itself but also B) anytime iconic Batman villains team up on this show it stands out. I knew from the moment Penguin mentioned that he needed something else in regards to his campaign, I realized he meant to get Nygma out of Arkham, I just wasn’t sure how he meant to do it. It makes sense that he would talk the director into declaring Nygma sane, after all, he is running for mayor and would not want an Arkham escape to happen so soon after he saved Gotham from the Indian Hill escapees. It also makes perfect sense that he would want his good friend at his side during this important time in his life, and that he would want to use Edward’s genius for his mayoral run. Last year I was pretty excited to see Cobblepot and Nygma becoming friends and I find that this year I can’t wait to see what Penguin and the Riddler get up to this time.

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Standout Moment No. 5: Five Impersonates Bruce

In my last review, for the episode titled Burn The Witch, my last standout moment was Bruce’s clone breaking into Wayne Manor and meeting Alfred and Bruce. In Look Into My Eyes, Alfred and Bruce feed the clone and he tells them his name is Five, at least that is what they called him in Indian Hill. He claims to have no memory of his life before he woke up in Indian Hill a year ago, and against Alfred’s protests Bruce tells Five he may stay with them for as long as he likes. During the following day Selina shows up at the manor and Bruce hides Five from her, telling him that she won’t understand. Selina asks Bruce to help her hunt for Ivy (saying that she could get around much quicker with a car) who has been missing long enough for Selina to worry after the bad fall she took escaping Fish’s goons. Selina’s the only person in the world who cares about Ivy and feels guilty for leading her right to Fish’s hideout where the drama took place. Bruce feels he must turn Selina down because he is trying to hide his clone from her. Five spies on Bruce and Selina’s conversation and practices Bruce’s voice until he can mimic it just right. At the end of the episode Alfred and Bruce discover that Five has cut his hair to look like Bruce’s, and stolen one of their cars.

Five locates Selina and pretends to be Bruce, apologizing for Bruce’s treatment of her and offers to take her for a bite to eat. Selina might think he’s acting slightly off but she clearly believes Five’s act, agrees to eat with him and the two drive off in the stolen car. Obviously I thought it was important to cover this scene in the review, and that is because I suspected from the moment I saw Five at the end of season two that he existed so the Court of Owls could replace Bruce Wayne without anyone knowing he’d been replaced. And now here we are only three episodes into season three and we are already seeing the first signs of the clone purposely impersonating Bruce and trying to take over one of Bruce’s closest relationships.

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