Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: “Out Of Time”


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 premiere is filled with adventure and humor—it basically hasn’t lost a beat since the Season 1 finale.

Welcome back, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow fans! Tonight was the Season 2 premiere of this ensemble superhero series. The episode was a non-stop ride of humor and thrills. At the end, we were rewarded with two appearances that would blow the mind of any DC fan.

Legendary Recap

Nate Heywood, a self-proclaimed time detective, evades security through Star City’s City Hall. His goal is to get a meeting with Oliver. Why? He has evidence that the Legends are in trouble. After getting Oliver’s attention via calling out his Green Arrow identity, Heywood tells Oliver that he believes that an underwater atomic bomb detonated in 1942 was due to the Legends. Basically, history is changing.

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The two make a trip underwater and find the Waverider. Venturing in, they also find Mick Rory in stasis. After they wake him up, Mick gives the two a play-by-play of what actually happened.

We begin in 1637 France where the Legends are trying to stop the assassination of the king. The team is soon discovered by the assassins, who are strangely armed with laser guns. A battle ensues with the Legends emerging victorious.

On the Waverider, a time quake hits them. The team was forewarned by Rex Tyler (at the end of the Season 1 finale) to never go to 1942. However, they learn that the Nazis found a way to unleash an atomic bomb in 1942 New York City. Rip is hesitant in going to that point in time, fearing they would only make things worse. Sara, still out for vengeance for Laurel’s death, discovers that Damien Darhk is also in 1942.

Stein, looking further into things, learns that Albert Einstein went missing around the same time—meaning the Nazis must’ve kidnapped the scientist in order to create the weapon. The team decides to go, but Rip wants Jax to stay behind and fix the Waverider.

The second they arrive in New York, Sara goes on a lone mission. Ray secretly follows her. The rest of the team head over to a symposium at Columbia University (or what Mick calls a “nerd party”). There, they find Einstein hitting on women.

Sara arrives at a remote warehouse and finds Darhk dealing with the Nazis. She’s also quickly confronted by Ray. Sara wants to kill Darhk, but they have to let him lead them to the uranium.

Back at the symposium, the team tries to lead a reluctant Einstein out. However, he makes a scene which forces Stein to knock out his hero. The Nazi agents attack, but the team is able to get away.

Einstein’s kidnapping resulted in no positive effect. New York is still destroyed. After deducing all of them to be time travelers, Einstein figures out that the Nazis must’ve taken his ex-wife, Mileva—who is also an adept nuclear physicist.

Ray finally breaks it to the team that Sara has been secretly hunting Darhk. An angry Sara says some regretful words to Ray. But Ray quickly moves on and reveals that his ATOM suit can actually track traces of uranium—which means they can track Darhk since he’s been heavily exposed to the element.

The Legends find where Darhk and the Nazis are holding Mileva. The team engages Darhk and his crew, with Ray going for the atomic bomb and the rest trying to save Mileva. Ray soon learns that his suit isn’t as radiation proof as he had assumed. Sara, in a rage, goes after Darhk and is eventually forced to retreat.

The team was able to save Mileva, but not able to secure the bomb. Jax soon figures out the reasons behind Rip’s constant chores: he’s passing on the knowledge of the Waverider to Jax, just in case he doesn’t survive any future events.

As they look for the bomb, Darhk’s submarine attacks them. The Waverider counterattacks, but Darhk’s submarine launches a torpedo armed with the atomic bomb. Rip decides to use the Waverider to absorb the impending blast. To save the lives of his team, Rip scatters them across time. As for Mick, due to his past injuries which prevent him from this type of time travel, Rip knocks him out and puts him in stasis. The torpedo eventually hits the Waverider.

Back in the present, Heywood uses the library to look for clues. He finally locates and retrieves the Legends: Ray is in the Jurassic Age about to be eaten by a T-Rex; Stein and Jax are in Middle Ages England about to be beheaded; and Sara is stuck during the time of the Salem Witch Trials about to be hanged.

Rip is still lost and Gideon can’t find him. However, she plays his final heartfelt message to the team. They still have the problem of safeguarding Einstein. To do this, they force Einstein to make a public announcement that Mileva is his collaborator and partner.

In the final moments, Darhk is revealed to be working with Eobard Thawne—the Reverse-Flash. And the Justice of Society of America reveal themselves to the the Legends in 1942.

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Legendary Moment(s)

Mick’s hilarious nickname for the symposium: “nerd party.” Oh, he also confuses “symphony” with “symposium.” I think this guy is going to get the best one-liners this season.

And how can we forget the appearance of the Justice Society of America as a team. That landing by Stargirl while wielding her cosmic staff was straight out of the comics.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

This will surely give ever fan another time-induced headache: if Eobard was imprisoned by the Flash during the events of Flashpoint, what version of Eobard are we dealing with. Then again, this is time travel, so it means that this could easily be the Eobard who was freed by the Flash in the new timeline—the current one that’s happening on The Flash. Okay, go take your aspirin.