DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: “Outlaw Country”


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s “Outlaw Country” episode is a fun-filled hour of character development and goofy humor. And we get another dose of Jonah Hex.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow continues its upswing in writing with “Outlaw Country.” It doesn’t sugarcoat history (sexist attitudes), and injects enough humor to make this the most lovable misfit team of the DC television universe.

Legendary Recap

In 1874 Liberty Colorado, a time pirate uses a tracker to find an unknown item. Quentin Turnbull and his men soon arrive. After a short disagreement, Turnbull kills the time pirate and takes his tracker.

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The team wants to know the importance of Damien Darhk’s amulet and also the Speedster accompanying him. Martin, denying that anything is wrong with him, gets flashes of headaches. The time seismograph soon goes off and the team arrives in 1874 Liberty, Colorado.

The first thing they run into is Jonah Hex being hanged by a gang of men. The Legends save him and bring him aboard the Waverider. To his surprise, Sara is now the captain. This’ll take some getting use to on his part.

Nate reports a disturbing development. History has changed and Turnbull controls everything west of the Rockies. The team gears up (where Ray discovers Nate’s dream superhero costume) and goes into town. Mick is quickly sent into Turnbull’s saloon to start an altercation.

Ray, Nate, and Jax are to pose as tax collectors and look into Turnbull’s finances. It doesn’t take long for one of Turnbull’s men to show up. However, the three take him out and decide to deviate from Sara’s orders. They eventually end up in Turnbull’s camp.

At the saloon, Turnbull shows up as planned due to Mick winning too much money. However, things take an unexpected turn. Turnbull actually likes Mick and the two end up sharing a drink like old friends.

Ray, Nate, and Jax venture into the mines and make a startling discovery. Turnbull used the time pirate’s tracker to mine massive amounts of Dwarf Star.

Jonah grows impatient and enters the saloon himself. It’s a bad move because everyone in the saloon is on Turnbull’s side. Things escalate to a fight and they soon find out that Turnbull has Dwarf Star-enhanced bullets. The Legends retreat, but Mick goes a bit wild—until he discovers that he’s out of bullets. Turnbull fires at Mick, but Nate steels up and saves him. However, Nate is no match for the suped up bullet.

Nate is critically injured and Sara is beyond furious that the team deviated from the plan. She demands to know the reasons behind Jonah and Turnbull’s beef. Years ago, Jonah helped a town called Calvert defend itself against Turnbull. As revenge, and as an example to other settlements, Turnbull killed everyone in Calvert. Jonah escaped, but was permanently disfigured.

Jax confronts Martin about his headaches and demands to know the truth. Martin is having visions of a woman he’s never seen and doesn’t know why. Amaya talks to Mick about his uncontrollable nature and the reasons behind it, but he refuses to open up about his feelings.

Nate is disappointed at himself and recollects to Ray about his first time confronting a bully. Because he lost that fight, he became timid and afraid. Ray comforts him with some wise words. But the moment is interrupted when he figures out Turnbull’s plan: he will transport Dwarf Star into the Summit Pass via railroad, thereby destroying all routes coming in from the east.

Ray, Nate, and Jax are tasked to stop the train, and the rest will go after Turnbull. Things really don’t go as planned when Nate takes to heart Ray’s words and tries to stop the train by himself.

A disguised Sara brings Jonah to Turnbull as a prisoner. Turnbull, impressed, allows Sara to join his group. Meanwhile, Mick and Amaya ready the explosives to destroy Turnbull’s mine.

As the train barrels towards Nate, he steels up and puts the brakes on it, successfully stopping it from reaching the pass.

Mick and Sara destroy Turnbull’s mine, including all the Dwarf Star. Sara reveals herself and frees Jonah, who gets an upper hand on Turnbull. However, Jonah begrudgingly decides not to kill Turnbull.

Back on the Waverider, Jonah toasts Sara and finally shows her the respect she deserves. He’ll be turning Turnbull over to the authorities to eradicate any risk of time abberations. Amaya offers to help Mick embrace his animalistic side, but also control it.

Jax gives Martin a few ideas behind his headaches and visions. When Martin ran into his younger self in 1987, he may have changed history, and the cognitive dissonance is the result of new memories competing with the old. The woman may be his new wife, and his life with Clarissa may have never existed.

Ray now has enough Dwarf Star to create a new ATOM suit. He thanks Nate for the new supply and gives him a gift—the Commander Steel suit. Sara interrupts the two and tells them that their friends in 2016 need them—which will lead to the Arrow-verse crossover.

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Legendary Moment(s)

When Amaya reveals that Sara is now the team’s captain:

Jonah: But … she a lady … [to Sara] You are a lady right?

Sara: You know I could take your life just as easily as I saved it.

Jonah: Ooh, fiery. Whoever breaks her is into a wild ride.

Mick: Too bad this filly is into other fillies. [laughs]

Jonah: [almost chokes on his drink] You don’t say?

When Ray reveals to Nate his new costume. It’s the gleeful nerd-out between the two that’s priceless.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

“Outlaw Country” continues the show’s foray into social themes without hitting audiences over the head with them. This week, Legends of Tomorrow tackled sexism—and it wasn’t forced. The character of Jonah Hex is a hero from the 1800s, so it’s logical why he had qualms about a female leader. The arc of him accepting Sara was well-done and organic.

The show has also upped its mysteries. We haven’t gotten much progress on future Barry’s message. However, we do have Martin’s continued headaches and visions about an unidentified woman—who he remembers loving. Did bumping into himself in “Compromised” mess his relationship up with Clarissa? Could something have happened to Clarissa?

Also, who could forget the legendary (pun intended) reveal of Commander Steel’s (I wonder if they’re going to stick with that name or evolve it to “Citizen Steel”) suit. Finally, the episode’s cherry on top was Sara telling the team that 2016 needs their help (tease for the upcoming crossover).