Suicide Squad Crossovers With The Banana Splits. Wait, What??!

Suicide Squad crossing over with Banana Splits is one of several DC/Hanna-Barbera crossovers happening next year

You may have not been paying attention, but DC has recently re-launched a line of comics based on Hanna-Barbera properties. Since DC is a big fan of weird crossovers, it makes sense that at  some point these two distinct universes would cross paths. And it’s happening next March with several meetups of DC heroes and Hanna-Barbera stalwarts. Some make perfect sense and look like fun, but the oddest pairing of possibly all time has to be Suicide Squad and mostly forgotten kids show cartoon The Banana Splits.

Does anybody even remember those guys? I mean the Flintstones, Space Ghost, Future Quest, those have managed to stick around in one form or another. Those are featured in the other crossovers. And how do those two “teams” even meet much less decide to work together? Well, read the synopsis of Suicide Squad/Banana Splits Annual #1 to get an idea:

Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Ben Caldwell
Backup Feature: SNAGGLEPUSS
Written by Mark Russell
Art by Dale Eaglesham
“Suicide Splits” pairs up Saturday morning’s animal rock band with Amanda Waller’s Task Force X, the dirtiest players in the game! Mistaken for metahumans and thrown into the bowels of Belle Reve Penitentiary, the Banana Splits are recruited by Amanda Waller for a secret mission: Save the Suicide Squad! What follows is quite possibly the weirdest team up ever; how will Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky stand up to Harley, Deadshot, Katana and Killer Croc?
Mark Russell brings his hilariously satirical style to this backup feature, where Snagglepuss is a Southern gothic playwright working with an ensemble cast of cultural figures, exploring an intensely creative time in the New York City theater scene of the 1950’s.

At least they are upfront with this team up being super weird. Did someone at DC lose a bet? Is this being done on a dare? Regardless, it’s happening. Look for Suicide Squad/Banana Splits Annual #1 and several other DC/Hanna-Barbera team-ups March 29th!

h/t Newsarama