Geoff Johns Teases New DC TV Series, Let’s Speculate!


Geoff Johns teased a new DC Comics TV show to be announced very soon. What could it be?

Geoff Johns is a super busy guy as the co-head of DC Films & President/CCO of DC Entertainment. Basically he’s involved in just about every aspect of DC from top to bottom in some aspect. You think that would keep him busy enough, but Geoff Johns teased that he’s going to be working on some comics soon (and pretty much implied it would either be a Watchmen title or something the Watchmen are heavily involved in) but also a new TV show based on a DC property. What TV show would that be? Let’s wildly speculate!

So first off, I don’t think it’s a Batman show. As much I want to see a really good live-action Batman on TV, I don’t think he needs his own show. I think he’d be a great fit for the CW Arrowverse as someone who shows up occasionally for big events.

But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be Batman-adjacent. A Nightwing or Batgirl series would be pretty awesome in my opinion. Maybe even a really weird take like Gotham By Gaslight or a live-action Batman Beyond might work too.

I think there is a small, miniscule possibility of a new Constantine series, but would it still have original lead Matt Ryan? He still seems up for doing the part as he just voiced the role for the upcoming Justice League Dark animated movie. But that’s not entirely up to him of course, there are lots of other people involved in those decisions.

The other far likelier possibility to me might be a revamp of the Titans series that was supposed to air on TBS but never got past the development stage for a number of reasons. It was promised that the property was very important to DC and they still wanted to make it happen when that was announced, so I see that as a very likely possibility.

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Very key to this might be where the show ends up. Geoff Johns gave no hint of that. I feel CW isn’t it, they already have a plethora of comic book-based shows and were very vocal about saying they didn’t want to have anymore even before Supergirl was added to the network. Fox & NBC are big possibilities of course, they seem very keen on DC properties. It could even be for that long-rumored Warner Bros. streaming service. It’s also important to keep in mind that DC owns a lot of properties you don’t normally think of as attached to DC. Izombie is a DC property. So if Lucifer. It could be a new show based on their really wild takes on Hanna-Barbera properties such as the Flinstones, which supposedly one of the best comics of last year. Heck maybe it’s a Booster Gold series! So whatever it is, let’s hope it continues the tradition of mostly great DC TV we’ve been getting lately, and that we do hear about it real soon…