Funko Marvel Collector Corps: December 2016 “X-Men” Unboxing

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The Details!

Collector Corps “X-Men” Patch and Pin

The patch is adorned with Storm’s visage and has a very classy motif that’s predominantly black and white—matching the heroine’s own color scheme.

The pin shows only Magneto’s anti-telepathic helmet. To tell you the truth, the helmet alone is much more ominous-looking than having it be worn by the powerful mutant. It just looks haunting.

Collector Corps “X-Men” Packing Slip

The packing slip shows the usual interesting information of how the box’s items were designed. This month’s, though, seems extra impressive. Notice the area of information detailing the design of the Wolverine Pop!. The team paid a lot of attention to the various details on his motorcycle and accessories. This is why Funko products are sought after by collectors.

The back of the packing slip shows the next Collector Corps box which will be themed on “Super Hero Showdowns.” Will this be another “versus” box like Captain America: Civil War? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Collector Corps Champions #1 Variant Edition Comic Book

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The Champions #1 variant edition comic book shows a Pop! version of Cyclops blasting his concussive beam. A very colorful and fun cover.

Collector Corps “Xavier’s School” Ringer T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Funko has a lot of fun with this month’s t-shirt offering. A short-sleeve ringer t-shirt is adorned with a worn out logo for Xavier’s School. The overall t-shirt has a very vintage feel, and people will almost mistaken it for a real college. The logo itself also has some fun Easter eggs. For example, the “1963” refers to the year the X-Men made their first appearance in Marvel Comics.

Collector Corps “Mystique” Rock Candy Figure

We’re slowly getting to the really good stuff. Here, we have a Mystique Rock Candy figure which is nicely detailed. The box itself is beautifully designed. The picture may not show it too clearly, but the word “Mystique” is embossed in a metallic red. Overall, the figure is well-crafted and any collector would be proud to have it.

Collector Corps “Wolverine’s Motorcycle” Pop! Figure

And here’s the crème de la crème—the “Wolverine’s Motorcycle” Pop! figure.  It goes beyond the usual offering of just a figure. Here, we have Logan on his signature motorcycle—which is just as nicely designed as the figure itself. No details were overlooked here. It’s definitely a striking item.

I think Funko realized that it had a good thing on its hands. Notice that the box also has a top-view window—encouraging admirers to look at this amazing figure from all angles. Yes, this item is sitting on the very top of my shelf for all to see and drool over.