Preview: Batman #14


Batman and Catwoman get one last night together in Batman #14

Thief. Mass Murderer. Hero. These are all things that describe Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. And in Batman’s latest arc, she was an integral part of the Dark Knight’s very own “Suicide Squad” comprised of villains he rounded up to take on Bane on his own island of Santa Prisca and capture Psycho Pirate in order to cure Gotham Girl.

But not surprisingly, Batman leading a team of villains didn’t go so well. Even Catwoman turned on him, as all that was waiting for her was a life prison sentence with no possibility of parole. In the end though, Selina did the right thing and saved Batman from Bane.

Now with that part of the story over, it is time for Catwoman to go back to confinement at Blackgate prison. Harder to break out of than say Arkham Asylum, but hardly impossible. Before that, she and Batman are going to have one last night together. Check out a synopsis and gallery preview of Batman #14 below:

"Written by: Tom KingArt by: Mitch Gerards and Clayton CowlesCover Price: $2.99Release Date: January 4, 2017“I AM SUICIDE” epilogue! Back in Gotham City, Batman and Catwoman confront their past and make a decision about their future that may change their city forever."

There might be a minute chance that Batman simply lets Catwoman go by the end of this arc, but I doubt it, it’s not really in his character to let anybody escape jail. Especially someone who is a convicted mass murderer (even if they were all members of a terrorist organization that bombed an orphanage). Either way, this is hardly the end for the Bat and the Cat. It’s also hardly the last you’ll see of Bane as he has a whole new arc titled “I Am Bane” coming up. Batman #14 is available tomorrow, January 4th

h/t Weird Science