Marvel Pick Of The Week – January 4, 2017: Sam Wilson #17


Sam Wilson’s sidelined for a spotlight on his sidekick in an issue that challenges both conservative and liberal extremists. Laugh through your chills.

Pick Of The Week: Captain America: Sam Wilson #17, by Nick Spencer,  Paul Renaud, and John Rauch

Sam Wilson’s turn as Captain America has given Marvel some of its most thoughtful and pointed political satire since the 1970s. Nick Spencer fearlessly addresses race, xenophobia, and gun control. Thus far, his book has been squarely liberal. This week, he leans deftly in to the thorn bush of immigration and gets laughs and chills from both sides of the aisle.

The issue spotlights the new Falcon, Mexican immigrant Joaquin Torres, as he and Rage confront a conservative pundit on a college campus. I’d automatically love this villain for having the same last name as me, but her earnest-yet-clueless exchange here should win any liberal over:

And Nick Spencer could get away with just teasing the cold-hearted blonde. But he’s making this a real dialogue issue, pulling some of the ridiculous extremes of liberal college culture into this team of heavily armed students, the Bombshells:

Because in the end, we’re not going to understand each other if we retreat so far into our corners that we become Ariella Conners or Bombshells. I realize the value of safe spaces and trigger warnings, but at extremes, they become kind of absurd. I want safe, legal immigration, but demonizing immigrants makes you look cruel. Pick a political side; that’s what politics is for. But don’t forget to laugh at yourself when you need to. Recognize when your beliefs have gone too far to keep in touch with reality. Label it when you have reduced your enemy from a human to a stereotype, and be better than that.

If the pictures posted here don’t make it clear enough, Paul Renaud’s art and John Rauch’s colors demonstrate the beautiful mix of realism and style worthy of these gorgeous Daniel Acuna covers. I miss him on interior art, but this work is a smooth transition.

Honorable Mentions:

This sequence tells you 100% if you are going to like this book. This is what this book is about. I love this, so I love this book.

I think Kate’s onto something with this caffeine idea. I myself am mostly caffeine.

It’s easy to forget that a lot has happened since Rich Rider died, and a lot of it really has been awesome.

Not loving Thori the Murder Terrier’s reinvention as a Pit Bull Hel-Hound, but I can’t say no to those bonkers vicious threats of his.

This is a picture of Kang as a MODOK. I am sorry for the nightmares you’re going to have. We will get through together.

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