Justice League: Henry Cavill Gives Very Nice Gifts


Hnery Cavill gave some great gifts to the crew of Justice League upon finishing filming

When not being asked to be grim and brooding, Henry Cavill does seem like the perfect guy to play Superman. He’s funny and charming and seems to have a great sense of humor. Hopefully some of that will be on display on film in Justice League (it certainly wasn’t in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman).

Henry Cavill is also a pretty generous and thoughtful guy, as shown by the gifts he gave the crew of Justice League upon finishing production of the movie. And no, these aren’t weird twisted gifts like Jared Leto gave to various cast members of Suicide Squad. He sent each member of the crew a metal Justice League logo, along with a group picture and a note attached:

"It has been quite the battle shooting this movie, but I could imagine no better people to have struggled alongside. Thank you so much for your hard work, tenacity and great humour! See you next time, it has been an absolute pleasure!” — Henry Cavill"

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This is actually tradition with Cavill, he gave similar gifts to the crew of Batman v Superman as well. One has to wonder what the line “it has been quite a battle shooting this movie” was about though. Hopefully it just means it was a grueling but ultimately rewarding shoot that will result in a great film. It could also mean there was a lot of strife and tension on set though. Not like the future of DC Films might be riding on this movie or anything. Justice League opens in theaters November 17th.

h/t Batman-News