Suicide Squad: Property of Joker Satin Robe From ThinkGeek


Check out this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Property of Joker Robe from ThinkGeek

The holidays may be over. But odds are you’ve got a giftcard or some cash burning a hole in your pocket. Maybe even need an idea for your comics-obsessed girlfriend for Valentine’s Day (believe me, it’s WAY closer than you think)? Then you might want to take a look at the Suicide Squad: Property Of Joker Satin Robe from Thinkgeek!

It’s pretty much the jacket Harley Quinn wears in the movie, just turned into a satin robe. Here’s the official description from Thinkgeek’s website:

"Since 4ever (well, at least 1992 which is basically 4ever)We’d venture to say that a lot of the viewers of Suicide Squad were unfamiliar with Harley Quinn before the movie. Sure, they’d seen the trailers, but they haven’t followed her evolution since her debut in Batman: The Animated Series. They might not even recognize that Harley upside Margot Robbie’s.Getting to see our doctor transformed gives the casual viewer some insight, but her clothing in the movie serves as a reminder that something is not right here. She’s funny. She’s independent. And yet she chooses an outfit that claims she’s someone else’s property. Her strange abusive relationship with the Joker is what makes Harley, and her interior struggle caused by her utter determination to relinquish her fierce independence to the Joker (whether or not he wants it) is aptly summarized in the jacket.Of course, psychoanalysis aside, it’s also just a nice look, so we’ve taken her jacket and turned it into a robe so that Harley’s fans can wear it around the house while streaming Suicide Squad or enjoying some Puddin’. It’s super shiny and fun, with gold fabric on the sleeves and the gold print on the back. The black sash has studs, and it’s made from a silky, touchable satin weave.Product SpecificationsSuicide Squad Property of Joker Satin RobeOfficially-licensed Suicide Squad merchandiseA ThinkGeek exclusiveA DC Comics x Undergirl creationA robe based off of Harley Quinn’s jacket in the Suicide Squad movieBlack sash has gold studsShiny gold fabric on the sleeves and gold foil print on the backOne size fits lots of Harley QuinnsMaterials: 100% polyester with a satin weaveCare Instructions: Hand wash. Hang dry.Imported"

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The Suicide Squad: Property of Joker Satin Robe is 30% off right now, so it might be a good time to order it if you were thinking about buying it for yourself or anyone else. We at Caped Crusades are always on the lookout for cool Batman-adjacent merch, so if you see any, be sure to send it our way and we’ll feature it on the site!