Powerless: Alan Tudyk Is Bruce Wayne’s Cousin?


A new Powerless promo reveals Alan Tudyk is Bruce Wayne’s cousin

Powerless has seen quite a bit of tweaking since it was first unveiled. Originally it was a comedy about an insurance company that helped rebuild people’s lives after disasters that tend to happen in the course of super-powered battles.

Now the premise has changed completely to a security company that makes devices to protect people form the hazards of living in a world filled with super beings. That necessitated a change in at least some of the characters. The most notable probably being Alan Tudyk. In the original trailer people saw,  he was Del Heller (not sure on spelling there), the son of the CEO and the new claims supervisor. It was immediately set up that he was a jerk only interested in boosting denials for the company.

So what is Alan Tudyk’s re-tooled role in Powerless? Well, he is now a Wayne. Bruce Wayne’s cousin in fact, VAN WAYNE. Check out the promo below, which was posted on Twitter by star Vanessa Hudgens:

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So it’s a throwaway joke, but you do see “Van” on the phone talking to “Big B”, which lends credence to the idea that you may see people having conversations with Bruce Wayne, either through phone or email or something, but much like Superman in the first season of Supergirl, you probably won’t ever see him. And in this promo he seems more modeled on a character like Michael Scott from the office. A well-meaning buffoon of a boss rather than an outright jerk. So that will obviously lead to a very different dynamic between his and Vanessa Hudgens’ character. Powerless premieres February 2nd on NBC, and I’m actually a little more hopeful about the show at this point, so let’s hope it’s funny!