Preview: Batman #15


Batman #15 revisits the first meeting of the Bat and The Cat

Batman & Catwoman have had a decades long relationship. Of course, this isn’t completely acknowledged in the comics because characters don’t age much if at all. In fact, I think with he recent “ressurection” of sorts, Batman is physically the youngest he’s been in a long time.

But with the culmination of the arc of “I Am Suicide” and Catwoman going back to prison for a very long time (presumably life, but we know how that goes in comics), Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are spending one last night together in the rooftops of Gotham. And in this preview for Batman #15, the issue really delves into their literal history together as it treats the first time the Caped Crusader met Catwoman in the comics 80 years ago as the actual first time they met, in that comic style and everything. Check out a gallery preview below:

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Is Catwoman actually going to prison? I think so. It’s not that Batman has never chosen to let a criminal go free, but someone who definitely committed mass murder (even if it was all members of a vile terrorist organization), is not someone he’d let get away, even if he does love them.

Of course that’s hardly the end of the road for Catwoman. The mere resolution of whatever is happening at the heart of Rebirth may lead to her freedom somehow. She may simply break out. And of course there is always a certain secret government task force comprised of criminals, usually with life sentences, that she’d be a great fit for. Batman #15 is available this Wednesday, January 18th.

h/t 13th Dimension