Funko DC Legion Of Collectors – January 2017 “DC Legacy” Unboxing

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Check out our unboxing of Funko’s Legion of Collectors January 2017 “DC Legacy” box which contains exclusive collectible items.

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What better way to celebrate some nostalgia than to dive into DC’s past. Modern day DC is fun, but it can definitely get a bit too dark and serious. Okay, Rebirth has sort of solved that issue, but still. I mean, can you really say that growing up with the 1970s and 1980s Super Friends wasn’t amazingly fun? Even though they were extremely cheesy with really shallow stories, they were the highlight of every Saturday morning (I think I just totally dated myself with that memory).

Funko’s Legion of Collectors “Marty McFly’s” us to the past this month with their fun “DC Legacy” box. We get to see some “classic” renditions of some very popular characters—back when Aquaman wasn’t all gruff and mean (yeah, I’m looking at you, Jason Momoa).

The box is one of Funko’s slimmest, but I’ve learned not to judge the company’s offerings by the amount of possible items. That’s why, this month, I was very excited to see what Funko has curated for us in terms of history and homages. This was like reliving my childhood.