Funko DC Legion Of Collectors – January 2017 “DC Legacy” Unboxing

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The Details!

Legion of Collectors Swamp Thing Pin and Green Arrow Patch

The Swamp Thing pin is a very straightforward design. No frills—and I like it this way. It shows the green hero set against a nice yellow background with his signature red and yellow lettered logo at the bottom. The drawing style definitely screams 1970s.

The Green Arrow patch shows the famous visage of our favorite Emerald Archer. It’s got a very fun, lively, and organic shape. There’s a lot of visual interest and the hues of green and yellow really make the patch jump out. It’s a very striking design.

Legion of Collectors “DC Legacy” Packing Slip

The packing slip shows fans how this box was created.  The best part was seeing how Funko went with the more exaggerated “flex” of Plastic Man’s arm in their sculpt prototype. It’s definitely more fun and emphasizes the hero’s abilities.

So, remember when I told you how I’d dive deeper into why I got “excited” with the preview? The March 2017 box will be dedicated to Superman! It also couldn’t be a more fitting schedule, as the box also falls on the month of my birthday. If you didn’t know by now, Superman is my favorite superhero. In the modified words of the great Phil Dunphy from Modern Family: “The Legion of Collectors Superman box comes out on my actual birthday. It’s like DC and God got together to say, ‘We love you, Steve.'”

Legion of Collectors Adventure Comics #452: Starring Aquaman Variant Edition Comic Book

The Adventure Comics #452: Starring Aquaman Variant Edition comic book has a cover showing a classic Funko-themed Aquaman wrestling with two electric eels, and an evil Black Manta watching, and most likely coordinating, the attack from atop a rock.

Legion of Collectors “Ace” T-Shirt

This month, we get a cool vintage ringer t-shirt with Batman’s best friend, Ace the Bat-Hound, prominently displayed. The pup is rarely seen in comics these days, but he was frequently featured in Batman Beyond.

The ringer t-shirt itself seems to have the right sizing. I didn’t try it on, but it looks to be a true medium. Funko t-shirts always ran a bit large. However, their ringer t-shirts have a bit more of a fitted cut.

Legion of Collectors “Batman & Robin” Salt and Pepper Shakers

Funko mixes it up again this month by providing salt and pepper shakers in place of one of its figures. Because the two seasoning containers need to hold the same amount, it’s quite funny to see Robin as the same size, or a bit bigger, than Batman (maybe the Boy Wonder has a big head here?). It’s a very fun variation and definitely a conversation starter if you were to have guests over for dinner. The paint jobs on each one are neatly done. And the colors are bright and saturated, very much like the comics.

Legion of Collectors Plastic Man Exclusive Pop!

We finally get to Funko’s Legion of Collector’s Plastic Man Exclusive Pop! which shows us one of the most humorous characters in the DC universe. Here’s a question: “Why haven’t they made a Plastic Man movie yet?” The figure is given a pose which shows off his abilities—a morphed torso and an arm doing its best impression of a piece of spaghetti. Colorful and brightly painted, this Pop! figure embodies DC of the 1970s and 1980s.