Gotham: The Gordon/Falcone Feud Isn’t Done


The war between Jim Gordon and Carmine Falcone will continue through the rest of season three of Gotham

Carmine Falcone may have called off the hit on Jim Gordon in this past Monday’s episode of Gotham, but Jim has only earned a temporary respite. The feud between the former uneasy allies won’t be the focus of the next couple of episodes, but will come back into focus when Gotham returns in the Spring and will continue to have repercussions throughout the season.

Executive Producer John Stephens had this to say about the extended feud between Gordon and Falcone:

"We play that [feud] in two different ways. We play it very directly and heavy in the first episode when we come back with the storyline between Jim and Falcone. The repercussions of the killing of Mario actually are through the end of the year."

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What will the ultimate outcome of this feud be? Stephens would only vaguely promise that it “would be sad”. This leads me to believe that while Falcone may have decided not to kill Jim Gordon for now, sooner or later in season three, one of these two is going to die, and despite Gotham’s penchant for killing off well-established Batman characters, Jim Gordon isn’t going to be the one to die.

I think it’s also that despite being a mob boss, Carmine Falcone is the last vestiges of a city that someone could conceivably control. As Gotham devolves further into a city filled with supervillains and monsters, one that needs a man in a bat costume to deliver justice, it becomes the kind of place where an old school mobster like Carmine Falcone just doesn’t have a place in anymore and can’t even hope to regain control. Like season 4 will be where it goes into total anarchy is my guess. Find out by watching Mondays on Fox!

h/t Screener TV